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Artist: Rise
Album:  Do You Know Him 12" 
Song:   Do You Know Him  
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Introducin'.... a new breed of MC...Rise, know wut I mean..

(Man) What is your name

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I'm  glad that people don't know that I'm raw
Cuz superstar rappers can't go to the grociery store
Don't do it for tours, I do it for drawers, I hate the business
And if I had a wish I'd just wish for more wishes
with my extra wishes, fuck money fame and huge favors
Fuck Bitches, I wish my eyes could shoot lasers
The new greatest, the next rapper this great
Would win a statuete carved in the shape of my face
the early stages, my studio at home when I flipped it
I make songs to make my name buzz like my equiptment
From my mind to the paper, from the tip of a pen
I kick rhymes with ill lines that you'll kick to your friends
Over the beats, my name goes so much through the streets
I'm told Rise was nice from cats that didn't know it was me
Through life, I gained knowledge, rhymes to pass it on
record songs so I can talk shit after I'm gone

Hook:  (scratching) Repeat 2x's
Do you know him... Rise
I don't think so... Rise
What is your name... Rise
I Don't Know Him... Rise

[Verse 2]
Rise the type of cat to outshine you on tracks
give you a pat just to put a kick me sign on your back
Cuz you're a sign that everybody thinks you can rap
but that's aiight cuz everybody thought the planet was flat
You ain't better, cuz you been rhymin' loner than Rise
I been nice a few years, you been wack since '85
All the techniques, and styles, and the rhymes that you speak, STOLEN
Talk is cheap, ya'll niggas is sheep in wolves clothn'
Arrogant, used to be shy, but then I lost it
Now I draw a line on the floor & dare you to cross it
You forefeit, as long as my crew's breathin'
your clique will be shook at home talkin' turns sleepin'
Paranoid, scared, waitin' for the attack
in the mirror tellin' yourself that your better than that
I'm wreckin' the tracks, I represent a rhyme for the streets
Your whole song is phat except for the rhymes and the beats

Hook repeat 2x's

[Verse 3]
Ya'll don't write, you pay for airplays and rhymes of the month
A risin' star, I don't respect you cuz I do my own stunts
The rap ward is run by morons, dude you don't get it
that's why I simplify, to cater to the dimwitted
when I spit it niggas gotta plan they're will's
I gotta here em rip it, "everybody's man is Ill"
I just show sometimes if I can be polite when you rap
When I really wanna hum and hold my ears when you rap
Don't care to be phat the way they introduce your rhymes
But you battle about nothin' like women do at times
If you ever flowin' with Rise, my level's goin' so high
to the average human eye, I'm just a spot in the sky
Makin it tho, Parade threw my face on the floor
behind bulletproof glass I'm encased like the Pope
I'm too, big for these pawns can't stand it in here
nigga you too small, your feet still bang on your chairs