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Artist: Rise
Album:  Stand Strong: A.I.M. Part 2
Song:   Mercy Mercy
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For the times. For the ages. For the struggle come on

"Mercy mercy"

[Verse One]
First of all, when I'm writin' just displaying my knowledge
Second, this ain't writing I'm just payin' 'em homage
Third, I am hip hop
The whole land tune in
But true rhythm and blues is grown man music
Rise with me, besides the sky's with me
Say, "Hi" or "Bye" quickly
A cycle but why it hits me
Analyze rode to the road music barbeque is in your head
Flow to this, soul music part of you
The same ? echos through your ears
And they echo so loud that they avalanche here
Moments will pass
Emotions, the road to music
Emotions are rash
I'd drink other flammable fluid
I'm hammering like "Screw it"
The carpenter's son 
Gabriels's lessons to music
That a Rise gonna come
I'm gettin' too religious
And out of tune with niggas
That could use a trigger (for what?)
To pollute a river

"Whoa, mercy mercy"