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Artist: Rise f/ Ria
Album:  Stand Strong: A.I.M. Part 2
Song:   Get a Way
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[Verse One: Rise]
Tired of waitin', chasin', with the desire adjacent
Steady the race
Can't believe the time that I'm makin'
A years worth of work in just weeks
Slow and steady only wins the race when speed sleeps
Wake up
Stressin' these stars
Stressin' these cars
While our Earth is goin' down, people checkin' out Mars
I'm out with 'em
Class, I was always out skippin'
And riffin'
And my professors get out written
Tootin' my horn
You look fake
You could be drawn
For all I know
Think of your song before you perform
I ain't wrong
We don't talk about the dope shit we do
They get mad because my arrogance is closer to true
Y'all evolve around me
The Earth is one of my moons
I'm self centered
My face is all over my room
I like Rise
You'll feel like, Rise is real nice, watch
?Move the mic loud enough to announce that clocks?

I just keep on fallin'
Get away
So I submerg my feet down to the ground
To get that hard sound of feet and boots
It echos right away
What if I want to jump out of my body?
And it hurts
What if I want to jump the houses?
Just to check if the boots upstarts jumping
What if I just want to go?
Jump, jump jump
Again and again

[Verse Two: Rise]
See I make little piece with your hand in these hearts
Feel like my mind frame when my battery charge
Remember me?
Did you see the happy me or you see me hate?
I ain't a team player, went to work with a mean face
Decision is fine, just cause the plan is
My just cause for rap is just cause I can
Just give it your all
Some people are so greedy they'll take it
So jump
Not to end it
Show 'em you can make it
Rippin' the mic
Nice, cause I listen to life
This is my life
The right just to get a new height
Heavy in the clouds
Laid on the ground from stepped you planted
Cause I grew and now I dribble the planet
Life is shorter than I was in elementary school
But long enough to make the maddest group, tentative too
Drown dry land
Rise I tread air
Gravity moves nothin'
When I toll it we weren't there
But wait when I get a day stronger
I feel tired
The words on my shoulders
Everybody's on the Rise