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Artist: Rikoshay f/ Natasha Waterman
Album:  The Barbershop Line Up
Song:   One by One
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[Verse 1 - Rikoshay]
dozens of wonderful flows
but am I livin comfortable no
still tryin to turn my love into doh the best I know
this is a non-profit
I'm tryin to put some money in my mom's pockets
and genuine motives
lead to genuine moments
I put my soul in a song and sold it
right out the trunk of my car
your pat on the back is no comfort at all
see I'm lookin at this hour glass
no time for a good night sleep just a power nap
set my watch a few minutes fast
so I'm ahead of my time in more than just rhymes
but look this isn't about my ego
I'm nothin without my people
you created this verse
I'm just holdin it down with the weight of my words

[Chorus - Natasha Waterman]
take the good with the bad
when its all that you have
gotta realize its all in the plan
take the joy with the pain
its kinda hard to explain
cuz these tears I cry they all come down the same
take the right with the wrong
take the storm with the calm
just take each step one by one

[Verse 2 - Rikoshay]
yo, I coulda cut corners like milk bags
but I didn't though, so I will brag
when my winnings grow
can't feel bad when your the boss
with the coner office and you pants still sag
I'm doin this on my terms, fuck the prophets
cut the losses if I dont have real fans
you know the ones that love you from your latest hit
way back to that before you made of shit
I'm not sayin I wont change a bit
cause I'm growin up
all I hope for is when I open up
you can see that I'm still the same rikoshay that you know and love
but as the glowin sun rises and falls
I find that I'm fine with it all
cause i'll never lose my chilish tendancies
my heart will never lose the boundless energy


[Verse 3 - Rikoshay]
they say the road is long
before you go down that wroute look at the prose and cons
on the one hand
you got dreams of doin shows where everybody knows your songs
on the other hand
i've seen fame bring pain to thos eits bestowed opon
but on the positive tip
make a couple hits
my family situation flips
grandmas sixty six she can finally quit
it sounds nice so one problem is this
I'm trapped in a conundrum
how do you defeat a monster without havin to become one