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Artist: Rick Ross
Album:  Trilla
Song:   Billionaire
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*female voice: "Just Blaze"*}

[Rick Ross]
Trillahhhhhh! Ross, yeah
TRILLA~! Feels good baby
Boss {*echoes*} I done took over the game nigga
Hoppin out the Bugati with my Ballys on... no underwear nigga
My jeans tight fitting too nigga; Jay-Z whattup nigga!
Uhh... yeah, let me fuck with 'em right now

Niggas want to kidnap (kidnap)
Leave me in the trunk, walk away with big stacks (big stacks)
They jealous of the fortune
Glitz and the fame, a cocaine mortgage
In the game like Tony Parker
Snow white Range, let my partner pocket
I'm back on them thangs that's my only problem
Homey I put that on my only momma (MOMMA!)
Still rollin with the fo'-fifth
Now that I'm rich got these broke niggaz so sick (ughhhh)
And my daughter college pre-paid
She straight, say thanks to the D game
In the Phantom on that Tupac
Ridin through the ghetto like I'm lookin for a new spot (NOT~!)
But I'm well established
I fuck with her-on cause it sell the fastest

I'ma rider 'bout mine, and I wouldn't tell a lie
Take it out of town, go and get my money right
And if it ain't 'bout cash, I don't really care
I'm straight 'bout cash, I'm a hood billionaire
I'm straight 'bout cash, I'm a hood billionaire
I'm straight 'bout cash, I'm a hood billionaire
If it ain't 'bout cash, I don't really care
I'm straight 'bout cash, I'm a hood billionaire

[Rick Ross]
Ughhh, boss, a bitch try and stick me
Cause you fuck me don't mean you can kiss me (naw)
I only fuck with the O.G.'s
The ones that won't turn you in to the police (police)
On the run I threw a nigga fo' ki's
ID's, passports it was so sweet (they lookin at me!)
Front yard still a car show
Bugati, the Gotti of Muraco (Muraco)
I won't let the roof up
Kingdom come, Prince of Zamundah
To be loved, to be loved!
Oh what a feeling for me to be loved!
Haters want to murder me and I can smell a hit
So it's music to my ears everytime I fill a clip
I'm a card shark up in the Hard ROck
Twenty grand a hand, favorite jam in the iPod


[Rick Ross]
Boss... hit a hundred grand in a day, damn
Whip that white girl just like K-Fed
Got me a white girl, I fuck 'til her face red
Yeah her food tastes bad, but she give me great head
Please let me say that I really love her fat ass
Send her to dealership and she-can she-can get that
My heart in the ghetto, I'm married to the projects
I ride with the AR, in case a nigga start shit


Triple C, we unstoppable
Told y'all niggaz in '95 I was worth ten million
Now it's '08 and I got ten in the bank nigga
What else y'all got for me nigga; I wanna see it~!
I need yours too homey
Y'all niggaz gettin washed up, y'knahmtalkinbout
Y'all need to let a nigga slide through like that there real proper like
Tryin to make some moves man
See I got on my tone four shades nigga I got a new outlook on life y'know
Ever since I got my W-2 back you feel me
I got plans for you niggaz man
Murder is not a problem
I'm the boss, still comin 183rd nigga
Hit me up on the 3-0-5 or the 7-8-6
It's all the same gang, posted up in front of Popeye's in the Maybach nigga
You done seen me nigga
Triple C's nigga, I'm the BOSS! {*echoes*}