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Artist: Rick Ross f/ Mannie Fresh
Album:  Trilla *
Song:   Way Mo
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* this song was cut from the final version of the album

[Mannie Fresh]
Okay, I'm reloaded!
The homey Elvis Freshly and Rrick Rosstein!
Get back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back

[Rick Ross]
Nigga...I see you nigga...I smell that money...
Yeah...Talk to me nigga

[Chorus: Mannie Fresh]
C'mon, I'm talkin Japanese denim, money stuffed in them
The coolest of the cars and the baddest of the women
Hey I'm a work it on the corner, work it on the block
Work it 'til they love me baby work it 'til it's hot

I let em sizzle in the house and let's my bitch drive
Twenty disc changer I goes to disc five
No this not the silent treatment I let's the bitch vibe
Fired up the kush she hit it, "now this fire"
Now imagine how she look wit cat eyes and thick thighs
Put her on the payroll cuz flat out she gets down
See that ass from the side that's before she sits down
And her mouth get wet as a bottle of crystal
Haters lookin and me bold but I'm packin that pistol
Fuck kidnap bitch I'm tearin this shit down
Yeah my chevvy sittin up so it's hard to get down
Once that dick standin up girl it's hard to get down
Got them chickens in the trap so I hardly sit down
So now them alphabet boys get them charges to stick now
Bitch you aint gotta guess, it's me and mannie fresh
You know we gettin money by the way a nigga dress


Smokin on sativa, name of the reefer
The cloud so thick pussy nigga I don't see ya
Your ho so thick pussy nigga she don't see you
Yo ho so thick pussy nigga she don't need ya
My ho so thick pussy nigga that aint nothin
I don't love that ho pussy nigga that aint nothin
My money so long, his money aint nothin
My money in front of me, his money just frontin
Yo know the routine, movin a few things
Rollin on two beans, in them new blue jeans
Japanese denim, money stuffed in them
Twenty somethin cars motherfucker I'm winning


Sippin on that remy outside of the club
Got me trippin like I'm Remy outside of the club
Yeah them bitches comin wit me, I'm shining like a bulb
I don't even think it's tricky just temporary love
Chicken pullin on my shirt I'm just worried about the chains
Tatoos cover eighty percent of the dons frame
Cancelling analyst, I debuted LaBron James
Came back, Mike Vick, and I buried your dog brains
Yall ducks want the birds if not just keep walkin
Got the top down and I'm feelin like Steve Austin
You know the routine, rollin on still movin a few things
rollin on two beans in them new blue jeans