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Artist: Rick Ross
Album:  Hard in the Paint (S)
Song:   Hard in the Paint
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Shout out to all my real niggaz world wide
Ain't nothing changed
But the 'Rari - the Lambo - the Bentley - the Maybach - the Phantom
the Aston - the Spyker - the seven tre - the seven deuce
the seven one - the seven fours

I go hard in the mothafuckin paint, nigga
Touch 8 figures, stuff it in the bank, nigga
Ordered 20 bottles of the Rosť
Fuck first suite bitch I order MoŽt
To these niggaz I'm a mothafuckin problem
Hang with the bloods, all the crips, all the robbas
See Gucci that's my mothafuckin nigga
20 racks on it, bitch you fuckin with a killa
I can't hang with no pussy ass niggaz
Thousand carats in the chain, quarter milli for it nigga
You think I give a fuck what other niggaz think?
Make another million every time a nigga blink
I'm rollin up the purple and I'm sippin pink
Champagne drown the bitch until she gotta pee
She only get to ride unless she keep it wet
You lookin at a gangsta in disguise, you just aint peeped it yet
Call the Benz Beavis cause she Butthead
She know I'm busy, I don't need nothing but head
And I'm payin top dolla
Chain so big can't pop my colla
Pop one pill make a nigga spend a grand
Pop two pills make a nigga wanna dance
Pop my trunk, pop me a nigga
Just last night I had a dream I shot me a [?]
Pop my trunk, Ima pop me a [?]
Just last night I had a dream I shot me a nigga