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Artist: Rick Ross f/ 8Ball & MJG
Album:  9 Piece (Remix) single
Song:   9 Piece (Remix)
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{Maybach Music}


[Chorus: Rick Ross]
I'm smokin dope, I'm on my cell phone
I'm sellin dope, straight off the iPhone
He wanna quote, he talkin nine zones
He bought fo', I front him five mo'
Nine piece, straight eight balls
MJG, bitch I got +8-Balls+
Nine piece, straight eight balls
MJG, bitch I got +8-Balls+

Shiny cars with them ghetto superstars in 'em
New J's, 501 hard denim
Big Ks', will not hesitate to pop 'em
Memphis Teen, like the nigga livin in Gotham
8Ball, why they call 'em 8Ball?
'Cause in the hood, he used to hit 'em with them 8-balls
Slab rider, H-Town love prices
Unbelievable pockets and beautiful Latin bitches
Hot weather had the jackers trigger-finger itchin
Niggaz scared of time, end up in the room snitchin
I'm in the sun, nigga burnin on the big Swisher
Gettin richer, ain't no time for you broke bitches


Mayne, I used to touch work
You just send ya homies out to do the dirt, listen first
Y'all don't really don't, normally hear me brag about this
But in the 90s' I done touched, plenty bags of this shit
I'm talkin money AND work, mayne we had it by the piles
We was out, 55s' like it's goin out of style (out of style?)
WHACHU know about dem birds down in Texas?
Taped, up and greased-up so they go undetected
Them small-town boys comin by the shitload
Chippin in together, tryna get the BIG loads
At one, time I coulda gotchu whatever you needed
Ya appetite was greedy, I was the one who could feed it
From Memphis to Texas, I could fill ya order
Cost for what ya paid, I only paid the quarter
Only the fraction of it 'cause I'm right here by the border
They shoulda made a show about me called "The Dope Hoarder"


[Rick Ross]
Suave House, still independant
Distribution Mexican, he still sendin
No contract, take my word
send a hundred packs bitch, them my birds
(Uhhhhhh!!) Shoe box, no shoes in 'em
in the two seater, me and two women (RO-SAY!)
No Def Jam, went solo (solo!)
Took the custy's prices so low