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Artist: Rick Ross *
Album:  Mastermind
Song:   Shots Fired
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* album skit ABOUT Rick Ross

"Slow down!"
"I just heard a bunch of gunshots go off, and I, I, I-"
"My, my server just left on her bike to go- oh my God
 they're turning around and coming back!"
"I'm hanging up, I'm hiding, bye!!"
"Okay, m'am, how many shots did you hear?"
"I don't know, I don't know, but they're coming back! I'm hiding!"

"We're being told by people here on the scenes
specifically the manager that a famous rapper
was riding in that car when someone opened fire
shooting at that car, that car crashing into that building
Police cleaning up the shell-casing markings
that were here just a few moments ago
This is still under investigation."

"There was a rapid fire 9 or 10, 9 or 10 shots
 You know, rapid fire with rapid succession
 and odd enough it wasn't a handgun, it was some kind of a rifle"

"Police have leads, but no strong description of the shooter or the shooters
 who appeared to have targeted South Florida based rapper
 Rick Ross as he drove down the street"