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Artist: Rick Ross
Album:  Mastermind
Song:   Rich Is Gangsta
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Rick Ross]
{M-M-Maybach Music}
If you don't know, I'm finna break it down

[Rick Ross]
I just upped my stock, fuck them cops
If you love hip-hop bust them shots {*gunshots*}
Your man is priceless, if your man's loyal
Better give that man a raise your end up paying for it
If you cut it, call it Jam Master Jay
No Adidas but I rock a brick a day
Talk about the jewels outta reach
Nigga please, so I came back with a bigger piece
You still smokin' weed on your car chase
I'm pullin' off the car lot screamin' "God’s great!"
Before the crib you gotta clear the guard's gate
Elevators like Frank's on Scarface
New Presidential had that pavé
Like a G, I gave the Cartier to Wale
Then I gave Meek Mill a Range Rover
Told Warner Brothers that the game's over

[Interlude: Rick Ross]
For me to move forward from here on I need 50
I ain't talking 50 Cent neither nigga, hahahah

[Rick Ross]
HUH! I came back a rich nigga
Young mogul, Bo Jackson, I'm a switch hitter
They want me face down on the pavement
Gang members claimin' I need to make a payment
It's hard for a young black executive
Can't you see we're all fuckin' relatives
Relatively easy we can go to war
... Fuck it, we can go to WAR~!
Chasin' me a hundred million, that's inshallah
Fresh up out the Feds system, welcome home Jabar
I watch him pray five times a day, nigga
Same one that used to moved the yay nigga!
AK's in his heyday, nigga {*gunshot*}
Benz coupe, wood frames, low fade, nigga
Got the cubans, got the boats, got the zoes, nigga
Cocaine worth much more than gold, nigga
So what's your goals, nigga?
All my shit went gold, nigga

HUH! I remember smokin' mid grade
'til I went and got my shit straight
I'm spittin' like this bitch a mixtape
'til they seen a Ghost with a temp plate
Sittin' in the trap blowin' thick smoke
Traffickin' my dope, with a thick ho
Feds tore apart the squad, nigga
That's why I had to play the part, nigga
That wasn't me, it was a job, nigga
It gets deeper, that was just a start, nigga
Screamin' in my sleep, I know the Lord hear me
Death to you fuckboys, on my 4th Bentley

[Outro: Rick Ross]
HUH! Gangsta, nigga
HUH! Rich is gangsta, nigga
This is gangsta, nigga
Yeah, rich is gangsta, nigga {M-M-Maybach Music}
You know where we came from
Look where we at {Maybach Music}
HUH! {Maybach Music}