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Artist: Rick Ross f/ Usher
Album:  God Forgives, I Don't
Song:   Touch'N You
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[Intro: Usher] 
(Fuckin you, fuckin you)
Rosay, that's the problem with these rap niggaz
(Fuckin you, fuckin you)
They don't know how to play it cool, y'know?
I mean there's a time and place for everything
(Been thinkin 'bout you alllllll daaaaay)
Yeah, but right now, it's about that time
(Fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you)
(Fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you)
(Look how you turn me onnnnnn, baby)
See they like when you talk to 'em
I mean, if you sayin somethin, heh
(Fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you)
Seeing is believing {M-M-M-Maybach Music}
UR-sher, baby~! Turn the lights on

[Rick Ross]
She kissin on me, bitin on my bottom lip
In the Galleria, all I get is "Buy me this!"
Conversations on the phone until the break of dawn
Combination to her home, I gotta make her moan (Woo!)
Mean hustle got me chasing all this fast money
Balenciaga sneakers, now she touchin cash money
So sexy in them all black Giuseppe heels
50 stacks in her bag so she know it's real
Top off the Ferrari, now we thugged out (Uh!)
Smokin on that Cali, bumpin 2Pac
It's +Me Against the World+, now +What'z Ya Phone #+
Jumpin in that range rover and Iím coming over!
(Girl, all I'm thinkin 'bout is...)

[Chorus: Usher]
(Fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you) 
Been thinkin 'bout you alllllll daaaaay
Still can't get my mind off your body
Iím day dreaming 'bout.. (Fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you)
Look how you turn me onnnnnn, baby
Cause nobody compares to your body, yeah
Every time you let me touch (Fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you, fuckin you)
And every time you let me.. 
(Fuc-fuc-fuckin you) Cause nobody compares to your body, yeah
(Fuckin you) ...Touch'N you, ahh...

[Rick Ross] (Usher)
Uh! I think I wanna put a ring on it
Uh! I think I wanna tat her name on me
(Tat-tat-tatted up) I had a lot of sexy women 
(So many girls...) ...but this is not the same for me
(It's not the same for me) 
Bounce, love it how she always make it BOUNCE~!
Rose petals on her bed, I walk in unannounced
I love it when she speak a different language (°Papito!)
I touch her in so many different angles
Born stunna and my baby so stunnin
Niggaz want her, but she find 'em so funny
Iím gettin money, livin like the most wanted
She all I ever needed, now I think it's her body
(Ohhh, all I'm thinkin 'bout is...)


[Rick Ross] (Usher)
Pink champagne for my dime piece (This is for you, girl)
In the sheets you know I flip her like a +9 Piece+ (I did that)
In the streets you know Iím eatin like a lion feast
Lick her nipple, tryna tickle all the finer things
Keys to the crib, keep it trill, time to handle biz
Big dreamer, new Beamer, just the realest nigga
Cover of The Source, owner of the Porsche (yea)
Killin all haters, showin no remorse (uh-uh)
Knockin at the door, she recognize the voice (She like me)
I'm not them other boys, she know I shine the most (You know me)
She modelin a lot, I know she on the go
Another bottle of Ciroc, baby let's have a toast
(ALLLL I think about is...)


[Rick Ross: Outro]
It's time to make the right decision, love
Let's do this
I want you, you want me
Let's take it there {Maybach Music}