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Artist: Rick Ross
Album:  God Forgives, I Don't
Song:   Pirates
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I guess it ain't no nice way to tell you niggaz it's game over huh?
(Ha ha ha ha ha!) UGH {M-M-M-M-Maybach Music}
Pray for me

[Rick Ross]
Hallucination of money, while niggaz stomach just rumble
Had to fuck with the Haitians and break a kilo to crumbles
Nigga livin in rubble within I'm labelled the rebel
Any nigga wan' rumble, somebody hand me a shovel (ugh)
Gotta silence the lambs, get on my Buffalo Bill
Steppin off the Sonoma with the black duffel bag filled
Got a cute bitch with me; favor Kimora, for real
Got Meek Mill on the celly, that nigga worth a few mill'
I multiply what I manage, I manage to multiply
Witness real niggaz fail and watch you fuck niggaz strive
Witness bitch niggaz pale Jamar just got twenty-five
At this point in my life, I'm just tryin to survive
Homicide stay on my mind, Christopher Wallace of my time
R.I.P. to the legend, Tupac Shakur with a nine
Makaveli returns - it's "God Forgives" and "I Don't"
Resurrection of the real, time to get the richer than Trump

I'm rollin the dice, four, five, six
Youn nigga, nineteen, forty-five bricks
Prayin on you niggaz, sinners full of hate
"God Forgives" and "I Don't," only hustlers relate

[Rick Ross]
Tryin to keep my head above water, nigga
We pirates out here, nigga, just tryin to stay afloat
And I ride for my niggaz
Fascination with fortune afford me mansion and Porsches
Panoramas abortions, marijuana imported
Dreams of gettin cream and never to be extorted
Seen so many things, be preposterous not to record it
Product is in demand, profit not far behind
Got on my mother pearl, she fuckin up Father Time
Babies be havin babies, I'm talkin 'bout how I grind
Niggaz thinkin it's voodoo the way bricks be multiplyin
Affiliated with wealth, associated with death
+Self-Made+ millionaire, snatch a triple beam off the shelf
Straight grim reaper, Air Jordans walkin the streets
Blackberry boss; one call, ya put to sleep


{Maybach Music}
The Lord is my light and my salvation
But I see none of you fuck niggaz
Fuck what you heard, nigga
I need to feel it, I need to smell it, I need to see it
Motherfucker, "God Forgives" and "I Don't"