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Artist: Rick Ross
Album:  God Forgives, I Don't
Song:   Hold Me Back
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Rick Ross]
I see how these niggaz playin
But I can adapt {M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music}
These niggaz won't hold me back {*8X*}
These hoes won't hold me back {*2X*}
These niggaz won't hold me back
These niggaz won't hold me back

[Rick Ross]
I look in my fridge, my shit lookin scarce
I got a few kids, we need some shit on the shelf
I get a knock at the do', they say my rent overdue
And while my niggaz sell dope, and don't know what else to do
The only thing on my mind, I'm tryin to keep on the lights
I call up my slime, I need a kilo tonight
Everything went well, I'm eatin steak no more soup
Then I parked the Caprice, I went and bought me a coupe
Everythang takes time, but this shit came fast
Niggaz standin in line, they want to hold me back
I multiplied my hustle, stimulated my mind
Motivated my niggaz, and we'll never divide - NO!

These niggaz won't hold me back {*4X*}
These hoes wanna hold me back {*4X*} no

[Rick Ross]
First I got me a Taurus, then I copped me a Lexus
I took over Florida, my connect out of Texas
Then I start sippin purple, got my shit +Screwed+
When you feedin your circle, watch your shipments improve
Fabricate 'bout your fortune, all my fabric's imported
Fornicate in my fortress, 40K still my mortgage
24K my toilet, all my taxes reported
All my exes deported, shoutout Texas, New Orleans
All these niggaz influenced, by a hustler's endurance
I just bought me the purest, but I need some insurance
Niggaz watch who you fuckin, just to hate on your bitches
Niggaz breakin the rules, niggaz facin suspension


[Rick Ross]
Momma workin three jobs, 'til I told her to quit
How we rose from the sewer, funny now I'm the shit
Niggaz ain't gettin money, but they got an opinion
Had this tech makin racket, serve you like you were tennis
Killers ride for that paycheck, AK, okay check
Bitch nigga let's play chess, yo' bitch next, no latex
These niggaz won't hold me back, told the feds they sold me sack
Whip 'em right and then come right back
Whip-whip-whip 'em right and then come right back

[Chorus] - 2X

[Rick Ross]
Pussy-ass niggaz, pussy-ass niggaz
They all pussy-ass niggaz, pussy-ass niggaz
Lookin down on these niggaz, pussy-ass niggaz
Pushin my new Ferrari, on these pussy-ass niggaz
Pussy hoe, pussy hoe
She a pussy hoe until she give me pussy hoe
Pussy hoe, pussy hoe
Pussy hoe, she a pussy hoe

[Chorus] - 2X {*to fade*}