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Artist: Rick Ross
Album:  God Forgives, I Don't
Song:   911
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God forgives - I don't {Maybach Music}
In other words, retaliation is a must!

[Chorus: Rick Ross]
I bow my head, I pray to God
Survival of the fittest help me hold my chopper Lord!
If I die today, on the highway to Heaven
Can I let my top down, in my 911?
In my 911? In my 911?
In my 911? In my 911?
Financial fanatic, forty bricks in my attic
Fo' hundred K in my baggage, eight round automatic {brrrrrr}
You can't stop a bullet, this one for the money
Secret indictments, Porsche costs me two hundred

[Rick Ross]
Fuck all these broke niggaz cause all I do is ball
Ain't no mo' off days, my crib look like a mall
Fired the stylist, went and bought a Big & Tall
Niggaz still schemin, but we slidin on 'em all!
I remember pickin watermelons
Now the Porsche cost me a quarter million!
If I die tonight I know I'm comin back nigga
Reincarnated big black fat nigga


[Rick Ross]
Fuck yo' investigation, started my elevation
Cherry red 911, straight to my destination
Mayweather got a fight; make me some reservations
Knew I flew private nigga, strapped with no hesitations
Gucci Pucci money long, he got twenty cars
Graduated from them blocks, now it's stocks & bonds
Hoes wanna know, hoes wanna show
They know a nigga name, they know a nigga strong - fuck with me~!


[Rick Ross]
Fuck yo' insinuation, work come from Venezuela
Love me some skinny bitches, fat boy just 'bout his paper
Hustle while niggaz gossip, hatin I switch the topic
Jump in my 911, two bricks in my compartment!
Hahaha; she let me smell her pussy!
I know you smell the money!!!
Still smell the gunpowder
911 - hundred miles and running

[Chorus] - 1.6X