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Artist: Rick Ross f/ John Legend
Album:  Deeper Than Rap
Song:   Magnificent
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{J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League}

[Intro: Rick Ross]
It's the boss...
It gets no better, than this...
{Maybach Music}

[Chorus: John Legend]
Swimmin in women, champagne sippin
Gold emblems with, two M's in it
This pimpin is so magnificent
Stop dreamin it - I'm livin it!
Oh I, I can show you   
show you better than I can tell you (oh-ooh-whoa-ooh-WHOA-ooh I..)
I-I can show you (Oh Iiiiii...)

[Rick Ross - Verse 1ne]
+I'm the Magnificent+ with a sensational style
Far from bein shallow 'cause she caught me wit a smile
Try to figure out my style, baby that'll take a minute 
But if all we got is time, you cain't be ackin timid
So we back to playin tennis, meanin goin back and forth
She the one that I adore, so I tried her and aurar
Conscience intervenes, concentratin on my cream
I'm the king, make a move, pawns all the way to queens
I'm a don, I'm a boss, I'm a profit, I'm a G
I'm a CEO, which means that I profit off of me (yea)
All white tees, still rockin my Nike Airs
Fresh outta flight school, cause I'm fly right? (Yea!)
Ain't nuttin free, I'm chargin to breathe air
If it's not on Maybach, really who the hell CARES?!
My money long, my nigga my money strong
If you ain't gettin money dat mean you done somethin wrong (Boss!)


[Rick Ross - Verse 2wo]
+I'm the Magnificent+ with a sensational style
Down to all of my automobiles, wit no miles
Yellow Corvettes, black rally stripes
and I never phone ahead, all she do is hear the pipes {*car revs and tire screeches*}
(Whoo-hoo!) Project bitches, upscale kittens
Fuck her for a minute then night we countin digits
Maybach money so I ALWAYS had a vision
I would ALWAYS tell my niggaz but, ain't nobody listened!
Words work magic, haters wreak havoc
There ain't nothin' on my back, but the delicates of fabrics
I made a transition from the thieves
to the biggest executive Def Jam's ever seen (WHOOOOOO!)
Lyor's dream, Sean John suit 
and a S. Dot ring, Chandon for my crew
Bad hoes in pursuit, Masspike on a two
Gunplay he a glue, Goon Witta Attitude, holla!


[Rick Ross - Verse 3]
+I'm the Magnificent+ with a sensational style
When I decorate a home, marble flowin like the Nile
Nigga you a clown, here's the number you should dial
Yeah, it start wit three-oh-five but we end at four-pound
Stop at {?} Zoe Pound, for lifers in Oak-Town
All them Carol City killers, they're likin it broke down
Money is a must, tommy guns on a bus
Allan Zamren on the case, so you KNOW what you could suck
Wear red all the time, but really I'm color blind
Wanna catch my attention nigga? Throw up a dollar sign
One time for the Crips, young G's buyin cribs 
and I smoke wit Vice Lords when I visit Mississip'
The game never change, money still a focal
But it's time to rape the game, like Puffy did Total
Like Rev. Run in the tub, still smokin
In memory of Shakir, Boss gotta shout Oakland!