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Artist: Rick Ross f/ Gunplay
Album:  Deeper Than Rap
Song:   Gunplay
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Run with me or run from me
the verse come the worst
it's only gonna be gunplay

Feel me nigga

I'm sittin at the table
countin my money
ain't where I wanna be
but I gotta few 100
lot of talk on the street
like a nigga crossin me {true}
well it something I gotta see

Is it how chain swang
tied at my face
telling lies gettin niggas wise
tied up and raped
similar to the mob
it's deeper than rap
all you niggas gettin robbed
at the cell phones tapped
bullet in my head
bullet in my chest
yeah they want a nigga dead
then you'll be my success
to be loved to be loved
oh what a feeling 100 rounds in the trunk
niggas get wacked no sympathy for the soft
niggas snitchin I know bitches who clippin you dick off
I'm a boss champagne with the steak
pink Rosay jason, ace by the cake

brisco line 2 young niggas what it do?
it got a pretty sound and he wanna bring her through
that's love we go back to the blue house
if she badder I may take her to the new house
my Maserati be the new body
got ya girls panties wetter than a pool party
I got her sleepin in the king size
last night I had that bitch sittin' ringside

you wanna go that route? (go there)
I been on this road before
I know gunplay, you know gunplay, (yeah)
shooting for the win but ready for the laws
both lines on the tip of my finger
yellin bring it, I, I'm swingin it, I
aint think bout time
aint think bout mine
aint thinkin bout dyin

[Rick Ross]
My niggas so street
my switches so sweet
all this money on the table
how a nigga gon' sleep?
speculation of my deal
it was over 10 mil
blowin erb, chauffer plus home
in New Zeal throug
beat the case like Gotti we the trill murder inc
our race slip n slide, they rainy in the mink
look 10 in the eye
it's the end of the road
in the persons Maybach
mean I'm gettin more doe
smellin christian dior
I used to be poor
when ya cross Florida line
boy I'm your lior
booby boys still, booby boys real
you can name a lot of lames that the booby boys killed
brisco line 2 young niggas what it do?
say he got a couple kilos and he wanna bring em through
thats love we go back to the blue house
and if he brought enough I may buy me a new house


gettin how I'm livin it
damn near dying for every digit
I get, fuck they know bout that
I ain't never put shit on the line
just shit in they rhymes
I shoot a nigga shit in the rhyme
them internet niggas
these ain't a threat niggas
never seen a laptop in the project nigga
just powder, cut with comet
fuck them comets
convicts ain't buyin it

if they ain't coppin or fryin it
dont get a nigga fired up behind some fuck shit
my nigga then what then?
[Do that]
who's that behind the curtain I murk em
Wizard of Oz ass niggas
hidin behind money
hiding behind luxury
shootin up all that fuck shit
it's getting ugly
got torch on the line
said he got a couple 9's
told em grab 2
bring em on through