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Artist: Rick Ross f/ Masspike Miles
Album:  Deeper Than Rap
Song:   Cigar Music (iTunes Bonus)
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I'm so compassionate with my compositions
check it

[Verse 1]
Fascinated with foreign felines since I was knee high
This cigar got me buzzin like a beehive
Fuck my old chick I'm ridin with my new thing
In her blue jeans, panties like shoestrings
Most wanted, I'm Bid Laden on a beat nigga
Rubberband jeans saggin on my feet nigga
100 grand for the wagon and her feet nigga
black flaggin just braggin I'm a street nigga
on the grind little rappers wanna eat with us
tryin to shine like birdman man teeth glitters
VMA find time just to creep wit her
So coincidental walkin down the street wit her
My loose cheese scooped up the Gucci
in 2 weeks I flew thru the boutiques
she get her time livin when I let her go and shop
cruisin in the car click the cuban at the top
niggas know that my techs explode
down to go toe to toe before Tecmo Bowl
biggest boss in the game, cheddar I never mind that
cuz if it matter C-Murder would go diamond
I reflect as I'm ridin in a Rolls Royce
get respect because I give these hoes no choice

Because I
Because I do it
So if you never seen a boss nigga
then look at me
because I do it
and they never seen a boss nigga
but now they see
because I do it
and I do it
and I do it
yeah so now you see what it means
to be a boss cuz I do it

[Verse 2]
I'm the down-south Nas
click so fur
ridin with a fox as the cigar burn
niggas sell weed, niggas sell coke
If I was sellin dope baby id be sellin both
but I'm sellin records everything I touch gold
better yet check the record 3 million sold
2 hand guns on the writers for the shows
on the road to the riches when I'm ridin on vogues
I elaborate on things I only been bout
besides, we decides whos the in crowd
if its ne-yo and niggas who speakin creo
but I got the prove we just keep movin kilos
see the Altima its call it terminator
the exact watch only ?war on? terminator
I let her ride me like a elevator
clip another cuban as I wait to celebrate her


Fascinated with foreign felines, that's my design
as I recline cut em like key lime
we both came now its right back to the tea time
I wanna soda with no vogo and no cheap wine
she told me betterer than man broke
walkin on the clouds in my second hand smoke
I touched her with the seconds hand stroke
got her mind racin quicker than a Lambo
2 seater it couldnt fit tacara
but I promise baby ill be back tomorrow
in a big beamer bumpin Bob Marley
listen closely and hit a woman softly