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Artist: Rick Ro$$ f/ Ne-Yo
Album:  Deeper Than Rap
Song:   Bossy Lady
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To deal with a dude like me baby, you gotta be the HBIC
The Head Bitch In Charge calling all the shots baby
Can't be scared to gamble, gotta roll the dice
Feel me? scared money don't make none

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Shawty look, I know my ego looking 40 foot
Big chain not talking bout the "Naughty" look
Mine guady 'less I'm going for the sporty look
he young and rich and bitch that go without an argument
My kicks Brown, now I'm looking for Rihanna nem
Smoke junkie kush funkier than Parliament
What's the problem then?, girl fuck ya 'partment
Move in with me on the beach, now you top ten
You could do the spa... see a newer car
These my feelings and I'm really feeling who you are
Baby light brown... with the right smile
First lady and she ready for the White House

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Baby you, do shine just like I do
just like you're supposed to
Everyone knows you're the boss's girl
My diamond, envy of all your friends
These moves that we're making... got us on top of the world
You're the boss's girl, ohh
Baby you're the boss's girl
Baby you're the boss's girl

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Stretch limousines, tall waterfalls
Valet at the crib, my cars I love 'em all
Boss Lady, she the Head Bitch in Charge
She ask for hed first, so she gets it off the top!
Champagne pop... rubberband knots
Multi-millionaire, I know that other man not
Let her call the shots, she want me on the top
and the way I want it, it'll be a month before I stop
Kinda walk funny, stumble out the pad
snap of her finger niggas picking up her tab
Walking through the mall, got me carrying her bags
I gotta pause 'cause this mother fucker bad

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Cruising down Collins, knockin' Trick Daddy
when I'm upset all my niggas trigger happy
Do me a favor, watch your behavior
cause I'm insane, send you straight to your savior
Looking at my savings baby I can save ya
take ya para-sailing straight to Jamaica
Ya man a bati boy... what the bumble clot
You deserve better....6 car garage
Come in late night, so I'm airportin'
As I take fright, I'm your Air Jordan
We the world champs, come and ball with us
Gotta take my time when I put it all in her

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]