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Artist: Rick Ross f/ T.I.
Album:  Ashes to Ashes
Song:   9 Piece
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{Maybach Music}
[Rick Ross - Intro]
As I look around, we the only niggaz with that A1 Perico
[Chorus: Rick Ross]
I'm smokin dope, I'm on my cell phone
I'm sellin dope, straight off the iPhone
He wanna quote, he talkin nine zones
He bought fo', I front him five mo'
Nine piece, straight eight balls
MJG, bitch I got +8-Balls+
Nine piece, straight eight balls
MJG, bitch I got +8-Balls+
[Rick Ross]
Suave House, still independant
Distribution Mexican, he still sendin
No contract, take my word
send a hundred packs bitch, them my birds
(Uhhhhhh!!) Shoe box, no shoes in 'em
in the two seater, me and two women (RO-SAY!)
No Def Jam, went solo (solo!)
Took the custy's prices so low
Ay, it's the King Young Gunna, hotter than a suana 
in the summer, nigga think I'm playin 'round if you wanna
Bring the thunder and the lightning like a sightin if you try me
on that Warren Buffet shit, that monkey shit behind me (Haaaa~!)
You want me, square nigga, you know where to find me
Don't call me on my cell, you tryna send a pimp to jail?
If you buyin twenty-five ,you can get it for the twelve
Uncut, rocked up, got tan, and pale, yeah!
Hey, let me send a lil' message to my enemies
Ya nigga get to tellin, have 'em buried 'fore they sentence me
Come to ATL, hit any trap t-they remember me
Billionnaire swag witta dope boy's energy
[Rick Ross]
Soft white, I got that G-mix!
I'm goin gold, crumbs to the bricks
(Uh!) I'm on the road, let's buy some NEW whips
Trick a hundred hoes, spend a few chips (RO-SAY!)
Nine piece, straight eight balls..
Bitch I'm blowin up like napalm (Whoo!)
Gotcha bottom bitch goin A.W.O.L.
Niggaz lookin at cha like you fell off
I'm double platinum just like my Ferrari
Bullet proof, nigga Teflon
Why you snortin that? That shit stepped on
[T.I. - Outro]
Bow! Bow! You know what it is, nigga!
Haa! Bankhead's own, nigga
K-I-N-G period, you understand that?
P$C, Grand Hustle, homeboy
Yea, yea, yea, yea
{Maybach Music}
We ridin my muh'fuckin Maybach front seat, back seat
Nigga, don't matter nigga, knahmsayin
Partition or not
Yeah, where you think that came from, nigga? HAA!!
Yeah, ay nigga try us if you want to
HAA!! You can try us if you want to
I got that white and you can buy it if you want to
Ros', what's haapnin' my nigga?
Maybach Music, Grand Hustle, homie!
C-Roy, cap'n, what it is, nigga?
Yea, yea, yea, yea
Yea... ay man
I got, nigga got them muh'fuckin pounds of kush in that goddamn 65, nigga
what's haapnin'? HAAA!!
AND 'cause I need the money just 'cause I love to hustle, nigga
Err'thang understood don't need to be discussed
Nigga, call my muh'fuckin phone with that bullshit if you want to, partna
HUH! And like that... Hey bitch, we gone
Money to count bitch, we gone
{*song fades*}