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Artist: Rich Homie Quan f/ Meek Mill, (Young) Jeezy
Album:  Type of Way (Remix) {S}
Song:   Type of Way (Remix)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{"Think it's a game?"}

Cut the tens, fold the twenties, stack the fifties, stack the hundreds (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Real talk, oh God gettin' paper (It's Tha World, nigga~!)
The bullshit gon' stop when my new album drop (yeah, yeah, wassup)
Oh God, silence all of you haters (Let's go~!)
My life's a video, I change clothes 'bout three times a day (DAAAMN!)
Jackie Robinson I might just bought my life away (ha-ha!)
You know I'm feelin' like a star its a Givenchy day (Givenchy)
She got the Halle Berry face and that Ashanti waist (yeah, yeah, yeah, let's go!)
They like, Jeezle why they hatin'? They feel some type of way (some type of way)
When you the shit, gon' be some fly's I just might need the spray (spray nigga)
They wanna kill me in my sleep just like I'm Mike okay (I'm Mike okay)
They didn't learn that night you best believe they learned today (that's right!)
Its funny niggas tell me heart (tell me heart), I don't pay em no mind (nah)
Went to save me the translator (translator), I done told niggas I'm fine
Assassinate my carrot cake; you fuck niggas should get far for that
Fuck you and your feelings nigga, ain't nobody got time for that (ha-ha!)

[Chorus: Rich Homie Quan]
(That Rollie too) Some type of way, make you feel some type of way (some type of way)
Heard she wana fuck me, know you feel some type of way (some type of way)
Mr. CEO is what my title say (Rich Homie baby!)
Me and my homies did your ho, he feel some type of way

[Rich Homie Quan]
Okay, some type of way it made the bill poor mama (it did mama)
I know you feel some type of way 'bout my come up (I know your do)
I told her in the nicest way, I ain't want her number (get back!)
My nigga Drake said some type of way the hit of the summer
My pistol still bustin', I dont care bout nuthin'
Won't remember none of this shit when I wake up (I won't remember)
That Percocet on my ass (hah), and I'da had a couple Xans
My eye lids bout to close Im tryna stay up (I'm still reppin' my clique baby)
Rich Homie forever boy I gotta stay (I do)
Name another super hero with a flyer cape (where he at?)
You sold your soul for some money thats the price you pay (you dumb, nigga)
Three shows a night, thats a 60K type of day
S-M-H, LOL (hah), smiley face (hahaha)
First class R. Kelly 'bout to fly away (let's go!)
And I still got that Hardaway in my private place (Rich Homie)
I know you feel some type of way {*echoes*} about my..

[Chorus: Rich Homie Quan]
My, niggas, been, hustlin', tryin' to, make, him, somethin'
Ain't no telling what he'll do for the paper (ain't no tellin')
Soufflé, I'm straight, I steak, my plate
Sade, I'm a +Smooth Operator+ (I drop the top of my whip baby!)
That car I'm driving make you feel some type of way 
That custom Breitling make you feel some type of way (I'm shinin' hoe)
This bitch I'm with got me feeln' some type a way (okay, okay)
Is it because my homies rich you feel some type of way?

[Meek Mill]
Okay, I popped a nigga chick (okay), and he feel some type of way (he do?)
Start talkin' dirty about me (talkin' dirty), popped up dead right away (like brrrt)
Sixteen to his body (he gone), question err'body, 'kay (and I)
I don't fuck with no new niggas (no no), if they ain't from around the way (turn up!)
So my niggas, my niggas dont ride like that to my young nigga Snupe got popped like that (got dropped like that)
Got guap like that; nigga throw a shot here, get shot right back like (Pow!)
Rari let the top go back (SKRRT), you ain't even know I like Rocko back
Gettin to the money til its off in R-colored phone; Cole World, where the tacos at? (OH LORD~!!)
Niggas sellin' caine over here, all black-red Moussain over here
All these niggas have things over there, it's a drought my nigga, make it rain over there (walah)
Walah, respect the connect to Wi-Fi
With Birdy we playin' bye bye, you fuck around get cut, nigga - high five
Cause my..

My nigga.. I drop the top of my whip baby!
I'm shining hoe...
Okay, okay...