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Artist: Rich Gang f/ Birdman, Detail & Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Rich Gang
Song:   100 Favors
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Detail]
Shout-out {*harmonizing*}
Swear I be sittin' here thinkin' 'bout the shit that we've been through
And all I know is girl I owe you 100, 100, 100 favors
I owe you 100 favors, 100, 100, 100 favors
100 favors

Niggas all talk, it'll never change
Keep on choosin do your thang
Girl, all them favors, I call her like a driver
Drowning in that pussy, and I'm a soul survivor
Vodka, hunned flavors, GT watermelon
She always do me favors, and I don't never tell her
GT yellow mango, I love to drink juice
Owe her 100 favors, I call her my 100 proof
Man I heard about an angel

[Chorus: Detail]
Now I'm sitting here sippin' on the last bit of vodka and I ever see is your face
Swear I be sitting here thinking bout the shit that you've been doing
And all I know is girl I owe you 100, 100, 100 favors
I'll give you 100 favors, 100, 100, 100 favors.. YEAH~!
And now I'm sitting here sippin' on the last bit of GT
And all I ever see is your face; 100 favors
{*harmonizing*} Hunnid, hunnid

Shout-out, shout-out, yeah...
Prices with the life, rollin on them dice
Spent a mill on a flight 
Flew back and she bounced back, high speed
All gold, +Lord of the Ring+
We live that life big time, big time
100 times I gave my bitch the sunshine
Harley Davis, Harley Davis 
Twin cam, I gave my bitch a 100 favors


[Kendrick Lamar]
You was a college student abusing the credit union
The music was way too loud, the tuition was fuckin stupid
And me I was runnin' wild hittin' licks in my mothers' Buick
Confusing, you like my style even though I was broke and doing
Stick em ups, you wanna pick em up inside your Civic 
Plus the difference was I wasn't rich as fuck you still would depend on us
And I missed the crush that we had every time winter December come
And we had tempers and arguments, disagreements and senses from
Cupid himself, and I'm shootin' himself
And the paramedics won't come even if you scream for help
Don't let love die, you regroovin' yourself
And I'm losing now too looking at you boo hoo from what's dealt
So as I reminisce the coupon that we used to split at Baileys
On your mothers couch your little brother in the alley
You say K. Dot your page got that pay that Birdman and Jay got
One day you'll reap what you sow, now I reap for us both
That's one hunnid