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Artist: Rich Boy f/ Polow Da Don
Album:  Rich Boy
Song:   Throw Some D's
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[Rich Boy]
Zone 4...
Get money!
New money!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Rich Boy sellin crack
Fuck niggas wanna jack
Shit tight, no slack
Just bought a Cadillac
Throw, Throw some D's on that bitch
Just bought a Cadillac
Throw some, Throw some D's on that bitch
Just bought a Cadillac
Throw some, Throw, Throw some..

[Rich Boy]
Rich Boy sellin' crack, fuck niggaz wanna jack
Shit tight, no slack, just bought a cadillac
Took it to the chop shop, got the damn top dropped
Two color flip-flop candy red lollipop
It's hos in the parking lot
But I still got my glock hot
New money, mothafucka dont you see the big knot
Don't you see the big chain, don't you see the big rims
Wonder who they hatin on lately baby it's him
Candy paint, gator skin seats call me Dundy
Off in yo hood, I'm the one that you wanna be
Haters wish they could feel the wood in my 83'
Ridin with no tint, so the mothafucka know it's me...


[Polow Da Don]
I never slip, I never fall
Alot of ho's, give me they numbers, but i never call
A real OG look at me, ? see a nigga ball
Then after we hit the club, baby I'm gonna hit them draws
Yea, I'm gonna break you off
And thats all,
Every freak should have a picture of my dick 
On they walls,
Polow be the shit, Zone 4 be the clique, yea this for
My dogs,
Yea gangstas, hustlas, wankstas, bustas
Wait a minute mothafucka...


[Rich Boy]
Hit the block, on some new 10 thousand dollar rims
Can't explain how it feels touching gator on the wheel
Got peanut butter ice cream, peter pan seats
Just got a fresh cut, now we lookin for the freaks
Take a bad yellow bitch, make her drop them draws
Imma show ya how to ball, middle finger to the law
So fuck them niggas, what they wanna do
Hatin on a playa cuz my Lac' skatin 22's
When I pull up, I'mma park right at the front
Pour lean in my cup, got purp in my blunt
I'm a real pimp, bitch, aint playin like a trick
Just bought a new Lac' and put them thangs on that bitch...