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Artist: Ricca Razor Sharp
Album:  Causeways & C-Trains
Song:   Avenue
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Please don't forget to tip those that squeegee your windshield
as you drive on the avenue
Hang out, eat fries on the avenue
Walk around, socialize on the avenue
Try to just make nice on the avenue
I've been comin 'round here for a year or two
Seen a couple good bands on the avenue
Probably spent a few grand on the avenue

[Ricca Razor Sharp]
People lookin for a dry martini
or window shoppin, or raw hip-hoppin
On their way to the Dome
On a cellular phone, go Jerome~! Yo
People walkin for fashion or lookin for action
Uptown in effect
You got students from West Center High
Skippin class, hangin out gettin high and
High society girls goin shoppin
That perm lookin haute couture yo for sure
At the Mount Royal Plaza
You got people straight lookin for the ganja!
These are the people up on 17th
Creatin this scene is a daily routine
Now these are the people in your neighborhood
Uptown, Red Mile, it's all good

Tip y'all peeps, street sweeps on the avenue
Got the soft, cars Jeeps on the avenue
I be hollerin out PEACE on the avenue
Lovin all of these peeps on the avenue
... on the avenue

{*scratching to the end*}