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Artist: Rhyme Recka
Album:  The Autobiography of Rapper X
Song:   What it Is
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Rhyme Recka]
This rap shit, This rap shit
Niggas got it all fucked up, Let me explain it

[Rhyme Recka]
Be easy it's that easy, Get you done nice
Real greasy believe me, You easy
The hood breed me, They breathe me
They recognize my grind, They see me
They live, Die, They bleed me
The overload for over-doers, Grimey as the sewers
Make'n maneuvers, Bottom line it's over losers
I don't follow I be the leader
I don't write bars, Write millimeters
Cock em back, I strip them heaters
Online, I'm on mine, Still on the grind
Throw back niggas I rewind, You out of time
Big numbers, Got calculators for complicaters
Complicate’n my data, Playa hate'n my paper major
Behind the music they don't do it
My point of view to it Hollywood is easy to act to it
Peep game, You either live or you lame
You bout it or you just claim, You ill but sound the same

[Chorus: Rhyme Recka]
What it is, It's what it is
It is what it is, Yall haters know what it is
Gettin money that's what it is
Stack money that's what it is
Rap money that's what it is
What it is, It's what it is
It is what it is, Yall haters know what it is
Get money that's what it is
Stack money that's what it is
The new crack money's what it is

[Rhyme Recka]
Flow colder then deep freezers, Keep heaters
Index squeezer, Street sweepers for non believers
Elite-ist, Since fetus you can't beat us
Need mind readers, Can't see, Just can't beat this
Goin in, Deep cover, Four Lethal Weapon's like Danny Glover
It's Rush Hour motherfucker
Live action, What's crackin, I'm what's happenin
What happened is dudes is actin
All killer no filler, I go guerilla for big figures
If you ill I'm more iller
More liver, I'm a rider, I'm a survivor
Four-fiver, Slugs spiral inside ya
On fire I spit flame, Black ace of spades, I spit game
Bootleg flow, Your shit lame, This is Myspace in the main frame
Doin what I gotta to maintain, X way


[Rhyme Recka]
If any, Not many, This is for an Emmy
You can't mix, Blend, Copy, Or pretend me
For you to envy, I spit semi, It's automatic
They gotta give me a hundred million pretty pennies
Kill plenty emcees like fifths of Henny
Go against me, You can't convince me, You not my equal simply
Renegade operate'n, Smooth operation
I'm lame make'n, So keep the playa stop the hate'n
Major moves, Pay major dues
Slain major dudes off interludes, Now it's towards the interviews
Revenues like Howard Hughes, More hoes then Moulin Rouge
The chain big the diamonds huge
Can't stop it, Shut it down or road block it
You can't do it so therefore you can't knock it
You aint shit so therefore you can't pop it
Deep pockets, In other words I net profit