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Artist: Rhyme Recka
Album:  The Autobiography of Rapper X
Song:   The Gaza Strip
Typed by: pneumatic

[Rhyme Recka]
Taking what we want, Strong united front
Any stunt, Guerrilla front the jump, Shotgun pump
At ease chump, Leave your friend slump, Roll up a blunt
You know we dope, Once we get down niggas come front
Moving like E.D.I. Mean, Nawmean, Grimey regime
Built like a German war machine, Murder supreme
Difficult to kill, Nigga we ill, We skin peal
Torture till the information's revealed
Black out, Over throw, Hard body, We body
Illuminati, Stepping in your territory cocky
Eye in the pyramid protect and watch me
In other words you need a paramilitary to stop me
Killing kids, In the belly we live
Where they put them hollow tips and microchips inside your wig
Black Range Rover, Dark tints, Real intense
Chromed out measurements with the thirty six by inch
Jumping out whips like 5-0, Eyes low
Haze, Hennessey, And hydro, We live yo
Squad stay high as the sky bro, We're live yo
Realize though, We them dudes you idolize so
Stay on your square, Villain up in here
Take off what you wear before we polka dot your gear
It's simple like Simon Say's
Fire'n leads with hollow heads up in your heads with inferreds

[Chorus: Rhyme Recka]
The strip stays hot, Niggas get shot
Stick-up kids scheme'n on everything you got
Hustlers, Gangstas, And undercover cops
The program is hand to hand in cocaine spots, (It's crazy)
The strip stays hot, Niggas get shot
Stick-up kids scheme'n on everything you got
Hustlers, Gangstas, And undercover cops
Kingpins at war to control the block. (It's crazy)

[Rhyme Recka]
Any day billion, Six figures turn into millions
Capitalistic for these billions
Kidnap civilians, Hijack planes, Slugs in brains
Strapped with a sharp shooter's aim, Go against the grain
My goons introduce your body to pain, Leave your remains unexplained
Benz in the lane, Doing ninety-five on the I-9-5 like it's 1995
Built to survive, Suicide guys sky dive outta six-four windows when we ride
Dead men walking, Grimm Reaper stalking
Twenty years ago your Momma shoulda got that abortion
We breed drama, Give child birth to beef
Make war brief, Tear you apart piece by piece
New World Order, No it's order ???
The last crusade, Decepticons transforming


[Rhyme Recka]
Extravagant schemes, Bulletproof coupes, Big dreamers
With Black Panther violate the meanest
Navigate the beamers, Purple kush Dutch Master schemers
Notorious mechanics and cleaners
Fear no question, Tour guides to your final resting
Tommy guns to your mid section, Relinquish all cash and possession
Lethal injection, Shoots fired in every direction
Sitting on chrome, Drop tops, Watch's African stones
Heavy chains, Apple cellular phones
Grandpa's total, Safety deposit box, We Global
Your paper work local, We don't know you
C.I.A. level, Our finger prints don't intense
We leave the guns with the body right after the hits
Walk like a giant, Above the law, Police defiant
Militant, Think like a tyrant
Walk like a ruler, Camouflaged down with the ruger
Assassin when the bullets go through ya
World wide coverage, Sledge hammer handler's
We thug it, The mountain top many died to touch it
Aggressive like Castro, Cash flow
Big bank accounts, Kilogram scam drug program
Enron paper, Cascade by high tech data
Air plane, Sky scrapers, Al Qaeda