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Artist: Rhyme Recka f/ Sha Nobles
Album:  The Autobiography of Rapper X
Song:   Back to the Future
Typed by: pneumatic

(Sha Nobles vocalizes throughout the track)

[Intro: Rhyme Recka]
Yeah, It's been a while yall
I'm back in your brain though, Yaknowhatimsayin
You know where I'm from, Killa Hills, Staten Isle
10304, Shit is real
Yo, I feel like I'm goin back to the future
Knowhatimsayin, Gotta take it back to go forward

[Rhyme Recka]
Let me put it all on front street
Half of these dudes is lunch meat
The truth make em run like a track meet
Bed time stories they pack heat
Only steel they carry is scrap heat
Below sea levels it's that deep
I turn live cats to dog food
Feed em to my goons with big spoons
Leave your bodies tatted with knife wounds
Aint nothin animated but cartoons
Brokeback niggas is high noon
Wolves come out on the full moon
The fake get exposed in a dark room
Curfew, Bout to get dark soon
Even killa whales get harpooned
Like cats don't know that my darts wound
Reckless, Next on my death list
Blow your candles out on a death wish
No rest for the wicked you restless
Weed makes the wisest reckless
Either run from or respect this
Blood stains the ice in your necklace
The heart leaves competitors chestless
Get in beef or guard to protect this
Even hurt the opposite sexes
Not until the preacher confesses
I am what the after effects is
Been hated on since I came out
Game clout, Fans shout my name out
Jewels, Money, Movies, And fanged out
But dudes still don't know what my brain bout
Force'n me to bring them fangs out
Force'n me to pull them things out
Jealous we don't travel the same route
Haters I'ma play your game out
Been this way since day one
It's kinda like the harder they come
But don't nothin move til you make one
Only wise men can play dumb
That's why me and fools relate none
Dollars make the cents when the day's done
You aint never been where I came from
Physically born but became none
You can always shop with the same gun
A marathon, How ill my brain run
Mind's still sharp as a razor
Grind's still precise as a laser
I should the mental down with the data