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Artist: Rev Run
Album:  Distortion
Song:   I Used to Think I Was Run
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash {with help from liner notes}

[Rev Run]
A red alert y'all, a red alert y'all
A now we toot on the horns, and ring on the bells
Cause I am the man with the clientele
Rock a rhyme for me and then a rhyme for you
And everybody catch, the boogaloo flu
And like the apple to the peach, the cherry to the plum

I used to think I was "Run!"
I really thought I was "kiiiiiiiiing"

[Rev Run]
Yo, in my in my imagination's creation I had to get paid
I had a better way to dead 'em so the suckers were slayed
I gad to get up and smash 'em, beat 'em down and bash 'em
Stompin through the Garden fully hardened to the maxim
Rhymin like an animal, the cannibal king
Eat a sucker, break a nucca, but I never could sing
Had a beef with every rapper I could see 'em for miles
And when I saw 'em had to floor 'em, leave 'em layin in piles
Made a dollar while I holla, had to follow me 'round
Rappers fearin when they hearin Run was breakin 'em down
Now every time I had to rhyme my job was thoroughly done
And I never lost a battle...


[Rev Run]
Yo, yo
Now I was sittin up in Cali from the alley in Queens
Breakin records never know exactly just what it means
Sellin records makin money just to throw in the air
Rockin sneakers, bustin speakers, every day a new pair
Nothin borin, steady tourin, livin life without care
And if I wasn't on the cover of your paper was rare
Even mami would remind me and rewind me the truth
Sucker fellas out there jealous, I was rough in my youth
"Raising Hell" and steady yellin, freezin rockin the Goose
And in the summer on the come up I was clockin the loot
Now come with me and let's remember how we rock it for fun
It's your momma's favorite rapper...


[Rev Run]
Yo - now back in Hollis makin dollars was a serious day
So me and D we had to get it then we split it with Jay
Choppin it up and flip a buck and drive a sucker away
Never smilin steady whylin never needin to play
Me and Butter, Hollis Crew, and how we do it with Ray
Comin down and throw it down and then we be on our way
Now reminisce, cause it was this
and that's just how it was done...


(I really thought I was "kiiiiiiiiing")