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Artist: Reflection Eternal f/ Bilal
Album:  Revolutions Per Minute
Song:   Ends
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[Intro: Talib]
Ay you gon' put it on this one?
Aiyyo I'm the only one always purchasin shit, hehe
Ay, go 'head and kick it on in man
Kick it in, kick it in, hey
Kick it in, hey
{"Everything is gonna be al-alright"}
Kick it in

[Talib Kweli]
A strong arm robbery, conscious scheme our form policy
War in the name of democracy
A lottery, a plot to run up in your private property, cop a key
Break it down and call it the ricotta or the feta, that's a lot of cheese
Enough to make the innocent cop a plea
And stabilize economies, shoppin spree
Cop the V, stay driven by a lot of greed
The saddest sight is when the parasites bottom feed
The game a monopoly, a terrorist bombin spree
Planes fallin out the sky like we was in Lockerbie
Look me to the heart of a thief
You might go on vacation, become a patient, somebody takin your artery
My lyrics merely takin a picture, this is photography
Obviously for some the poverty really hard to see
Honestly I've come to the stage to rock properly
I like my pockets fat, not flat - word

[Chorus: Bilal]
Spendin up all my time makin ennnnnnds
We roll up the money
It's the only thing on my mind, right now, that matters
Tried to change my mind

[Talib Kweli]
Got a check, let me under-write it
Spendin money on the flesh, attention undivided
The promise for funds got 'em stripped until they undergarments
For the skrilla they willin to diss +Yo Momma+ like the show with Wilmer Valderrama
I grind harder cause I gotta live
My ancestors swang from the ropes, now my knot is thick
This is apocalypse now, risin to prominence
Never go against the family is God's fathership
My hypothesis, stop your breath like an octopus
to holdin your esophagus
Try to rob and pop you quick, promise you will not evict
On a reconnaissance mission for where the profit is
No I'm not the office type, quite the opposite
Despite accomplishments I'm hungry as a starvin artist is
The knowledge from this metropolitan
Perspective more affective than scholarships to the best colleges

[Chorus] w/ Talib ad libs

[Outro: Talib]
So basically, the moral of the story is, go get it man
It's the only thing right now that matters
I heard somebody say, money is the root of all evil
Don't believe that man, it's the LOVE of money
The PURSUIT of money, THAT'S the root of all KINDS of evil man
So yo, somebody owe you money and ain't payin up
You tell 'em man, you got five seconds
Give me my shit, you got - haha
Five (five) fo' (fo') three (three) two (two) ONE! {*echoes*}