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Artist: Redman
Album:  Redman Presents... Reggie
Song:   Def Jammable
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

We gon' do it like this yo
Yo, I'm a animal, Def Jammable
Titanical, high flammable
Don't gas me, I live near Amaco
I'm eatin boy, identical to Hannibal
And my antidote, I prescribed it
Since you all on my wood, lie again
I advised them, sterilized them
His ear wasn't clear to hear the album

I don't know what you people gonna do without him
And these haters gonna run around, talk about him
So I keep gettin money and keep it rockin
Flammable.. Titanical.. Def Jammable

Call me Pimp Nuts, on a chick butt
She gotta a sister? I got 'em mixed up
My car inside is dark, tint up
The door is suicide - WRISTS CUT
Yeah I'm a Riddle, you can't see me
if I was "Avatar" in 3D
Hit the T-O-P, it's easy
Your career like George, needy
You can hee hee, but I'm a ha ha
Next to Lady Gaga in a iPod
Near, givin the captain a high-five
I'm, a fly guy - why not?
I'm like tied top, I rock music
I'm tryin to be set for life like a Jew kid
And me not runnin +The Block+ like a +New Kid+
That's like, Hov', not doin "Blueprint"


Yo I was a asshole, in the classroom
Now I'm a sick nigga, like a bad cold
Mister +Unforgettable+, Nat Cole
You can't witness none of it from the back row
Nigga move up, and walk with my foot
And follow my ingredients like a cookbook
Let me show you how to hustle, look look
I even got some of the oil that Bush took
Me shook? Look, that is not me
I feel cocky like "Rocky," part three
When I speak, white girls jock me
They know I Rush Limbaugh for the ock see
Pardon me partner, you'll find out
that I'm a, lady's man, Leon Feltz
Gap Band, I'll blow your mind out
With the nine and my, Louis Vuitton belt