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Artist: Red Hot Lover Tone
Album:  #1 Player
Song:   Like That
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[ *scratching of* ]
(But they're all)
(But they're all)
(But they're all just wick-wick-wack)	(2X)	--> KRS-One

[ VERSE 1 ]
Now with a poem from the mind the Tone reaches a microphone
Best leave me alone cause I'm a Badder Boy than Sean Combs
??? like Bivins, rappers get torn to smithereens
I'm livin to destroy Mikes like Robin Givens
But it's a given that I'm the absolut best since
MC's play the faggot role better than the Fresh Prince
But not from Bel-Air, I'm straight out of Brooklyn, resident
Seen your movie, gee, you didn't represent
But Red Hot can-can, yes, I can-can
My Method will 'bring the pain' simply cause I'm the man
So be a fan and let the R-e-d expand over band
Fuck around, you get more Japs than Japan
Like that

You better recognize I represent like that
I came to take your dollars and your cents like that
MC's be frontin but their rap styles lack
(But they're all just wick-wick-wack)

[ VERSE 2 ]
I got niggas foamin at the mouth to get my style like rabies
I'm robbin MC's like Sugarhill did in the 80's
Hey ladies, can't you see I'm best at my sport and
Those rap styles you like got more Airs [/errors] than Jordan
According to the guys though I got the live flow
They hate the jive flow like young blacks hate the five-o
So creep to my TLC if you're yearnin
I wanna fuck Left Eye but I heard she's burnin..
I'm earnin mad chips to keep my pockets thick
While yours are anorexic like that [edited] chick
Sick, I got the style that you need to pick
With a mic I'm Handyman like the Damon Wayans flick
Like that


[ VERSE 3 ]
Now who's got the rap to keep the crap niggas jeally
My style reaches out to the young like R. Kelly
?????? gotta have the beast in his belly
More ???? than skelly, more Thunder than Shelly
Pick up the telly and tell and friend and tell a friend
Red Hot's got niggas on their bended knees like Boyz II Men
You can't defend if you wind up on my stress list
Bet this, High School SAT's couldn't test this
I'm leavin wack MC's holy for Heaven
Kiss this sweet Earth good-bye, you're booty like Tevin
Campbell, this is just an example
How I dismantle MC's and blow em out like candles
Like that