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Artist: Inspectah Deck
Album:  Make a Move (S)
Song:   Make a Move
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Damn you security, I ain't waiting in line
Look, who that nigga, ya'll let that nigga right through, right?
Man, fuck that... aiyo, H.G.'z, U.D.Z's to the front
Yo, yeah...

[Inspectah Deck]
Fuck a guest list, nigga, it's me
6'3, with that lean, popping bottles of P., puffin' exotic trees
Crew thing, keep my women in threes
And I roll with the House Gang, quick on the squeeze
Bottom line, I'm a sick disease, in this cold world, I'm Mr. Freeze
And I'm swift with ease, and I'm not gonna tell you twice
Ya'll gon' fuck around and have a nigga locked in the cell for life
I'm putting fire to your ass, see me slide past
In the latest shit, with six tigers on the dash
I got money on my mind, trapped in this wilderness
I'm running out of time, rise if you feeling this
My life's on the line, never chat with feds
Keep a knife or a nine, gotta scrap with bread
The rude boy been clapped the lead, we the dice on the sidewalk
Score points, and crack your head
Got the blueberry sacks from dred, and your boy stay
Black home from the hat and threads
Cuz been around the world, and back to my corner crew
H.G.'z, U.D.Z, now what you wanna do?

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
Make a move, say something, yeah
Make a move, say something, yeah
Make a move, say something, yeah
Make a move, say something, yeah

[Inspectah Deck]
See I, freak the streets, straight murder the track
I'm a beast from the east, got fur on my back
Won't hesitate to crawl or scratch, you gotta feed me
My CD flying off the rack
From the Bricks out in Jersey, through the Mid-West
To Dirty Dirty, the kid's definetly thirsty
My loc's on the West Coast, them fools is real
Got the volume up, gliding on, just two wheels
I bust rhymes, crack your necks to lead, yeah Deck's a threat
I rip your best rapper, rep to shreds
We the bout it, front page of The Source
Wanna pose like you gangsta boss, don't wanna face the boss
Take your Superman cape off, blame your soft
I caked off, like a bake off, then break North
I got, strength in the street, code name: Radiator
Big in the heat, no games, gladiator
Rest in the beat, too deep to breathe
Wu is nine wisemen who speak degrees
Make 'em weak in the knees like S.W.V.
Been try'nna hold a title like Wu Killa Bee, man...