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Artist: Rich Brian
Album:  Living the Dream (S)
Song:   Living the Dream
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

This goes out to people chasin' they dreams
And willing to do whatever the fuck they have to do
No matter how fuckin' big and crazy it is
We can fuckin get it boy

Rollin weed with the Backwoods
My life has been so easy on me
Sittin down relaxin' on my front porch in Orange County
I feel so lucky cause I had a dream
that I'mma be a famous mothafucka you can't stop me
And here I am sippin' liquor on my way to Bali
And everybody on this plane they lookin' at me funny
They're like "are you Heely from Twitter?" people know me
But my mom still think that I ain't capable of money
Money buys happiness and that's just the truth
But when you rich you take it for granted and let it loose
Fuck tolerance, Indonesia's what I'm reppin'
Started from the bottom, not going back to trappin'
I don't know that many niggas that talk about this shit
I been hearin' from the stories how I don't know how to spit
I'm just a youngin' with a dream hope to make it with my team
And I know that's gonna happen it just takes some self-esteem

Yea self-esteem, you gotta love yourself
Self-love comes before anything else
My dream is to go to California when I'm 18
And everything I said in this song has never happened
But I know it will one day, I'm out