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Artist: Rich Brian
Album:  I Just Destroy 'Em (S)
Song:   I Just Destroy 'Em
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Uhh, the time flies when you spend your nights in the west and
I didn't know that snakes come in the form of a best friend
Who you faking for, you ready for your lights, camera, action
This ain't Trader Joes, you payin' for my verses with five tens
Ammo says you low, what is you doing with five men
Hit a record store to see if my new shit has sold out yet
And we don't aim at all but we hit of all the targets
Man I'm hella spiritual, my soul is nothing to fuck with
Woke up with a bitch, we didn't have a conversation
Man she just creamed on my dick
Don't get involved in altercations
Got too much fame for this shit
Made so much money I forgot about like who paid for this shit
I got used to destruction so I'm always causing problems
The only difference between me and you is that I've got one
I don't socialize with these rapers, I just destroy 'em