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Artist: Rasaq f/ Chamillionaire
Album:  Ghetto Status
Song:   Can't Get No Money
Typed by: Lil Hustle, this is Ghetto Status...

[Hook: Chamillionaire]
You can't get no money from me, I know that's what you want
But you can't get it from me, don't think about it
Got a lot of do' but I'm cheap, greedy hoes on the creep
Trying to get you asleep, mashing in your wallet
Baby I know ya, wanna get close to
A nigga with most of, these women these voltures
If you think I'm spose to, be tricking my do' for
You, then no girl don't even approach us

The chickens wanna find the, nigga behind the
Rims and recliners, seats who's sitting inside you
Already know, but if you need a reminder
You need to go find you, go thinking of cheating behind you
Creeping behind you, giving me the vagina
As long as she ain't a minor nigga, the teeth is gon blind her
The girl see that we shiners, see that we rhymers
Wanna unscrew your nuts, like they teeth is some pliers
They see us on flyers, try to keep up behind us
But them chickens bite the dust, when they squeal from the tire
She like no he didn't, but yes he did it
Checks with digits, larger than your credit limit
My pocket's my wallet, and what's ever in it I'll never spend it
She's never privileged, for my bread or spinach
I just get head a minute, when the chickenhead is finished
I tell her that someone at the do', then I let her get it
If she step out the crib, with one of her toes
I tell her meet the front do', then I Iet her kiss it, get it

Ha ha, Rasaq on the block nigga

[Hook: Chamillionaire]

And she said she wanna swang on fo's
Swang with me, you can ride but girl you can't
Get no do', no there'll be no tricking this evening
You're fine, but your smile is deceiving