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Artist: Ras Kass
Album:  Golden Chyld (Remix) 12"
Song:   Golden Chyld (DJ Premier Remix)
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Yeah yeah
We gon' send this one out, to all the niggaz
that want beef, that got baby teeth
Why you can't eat little faggot
That Primo shit, Rassy Kassy, Golden Chyld, yaknow...

[Verse 1]
It's the R-ah-A-S, K-A double S
Inject the airbag, wreck a nigga's bubble S-Class
What's comin next, lets mash
Get so high walking I'll catch jetlag
If it ain't Hennessey and O.J. homie miss me
Keep my hairline down to the Nike sign crispy
Spit be, strictly mini-me Bin Laden's
Mixed with 16 men with life in the pen, ridin;
Gangsta - fuck how many records you sell
Get put on the missing milk carton in XXL
And it's NOTHIN, let's double the deal
Dick so deep down ya bitch mouth I'll cum in her hair
Guns and ones in the air, niggaz with stripes
Shootin up kites, posted on low-rider bikes
Cat named Russel Simmons got blessed in Good Night
You done fucked up like cripwalkin by Suge Knight

"That's what happens when you reach for what you can't feel"
"Stop either" .... "wild golden child"
"Come on come on yo"
"Ask ya crew if I'm nice, they all say true" ..
"That's what happens when you reach for what you can't feel"
"Stop either" .... "wild golden child" ..
"The baddest flow" .. "niggaz know" ..

[Verse 2]
Guess I'm a rap nigga, cuz homeboy, it's a wrap
Commit a driveby with the music expressed there, and then toss the gat
Hop on the Red Eye to NYC though - D&D linked with Primo
And I'm hungry, so I'ma take what you got
Throw up a dub, spit at the camera like Tupac
My rap style is Sheek like two L.O.X.
Word on a few blocks; my technique's too hot
I repeat, DO NOT get it twisted
Get ya head a brick or "Park" at 106 bitch
Then catch me exprayin a halo, with a immitation J-Lo
.. yaknow - haters lay low
Who the only west coast nigga to air out Kay Slay mixtape tho'?
(Rassy) mo' dirty, SC-430
Stand with my knee, eatin a plate of beef curry beyotch!


[Verse 3]
I pop my collar, pop pistols, and pop ecstasy
Boricuas call me Poppi when they pop they pee
Used to pop-lock and lock and watch
Pop locks and bugularize spots
Pop wheelies on the red and chrome Huffy
Graduated to Suzukis - hot soda pop or pop bottles at Sky Sushi
Ask me what's poppin; most likely ya collar bone
Ever had that feelin where ya by yourself but not alone
With Big Brother, and Big Brother see you
I'm hard-headed, my dick look like R2-D2
Mini-me too - speed through in the V-1-2
C-Arson style, know how we do
All money is legal, dead pres to green eagle
You funny style like Bernie Mac, rappin like Beanie Sigel
Golden Child of the west, don't know how to act though
Kicked off the Up In Smoke tour for scrappin with Death Row


"That's what happens when you reach for what you can't feel"
"Stop either" .... "wild golden child" ....