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Artist: Rapsody f/ Kendrick Lamar, Lance Skiiiwalker
Album:  Laila’s Wisdom
Song:   Power
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Interlude: sample of Bootsy's Rubber Band "May The Force Be With You"]
"Into my world
 There's this power that pulls us closer
 Deeper in love
 There's this power that pulls us like magnets"

[Chorus: Lance Skiiiwalker] + (woman)
I feel your energy, hey (feel your energy)
It's comin' through (it's comin' through)
Took me a century, hey (a century)
To get next to you (to get next to you)
Plus make some enemies, hey (make some enemies)
Invested in you (invested in you)
So I feel your energy, uh (I feel your energy)
Invested, pursuuuuue

Ooh, ooh, ooh
I never read the 48 Laws
The power of the dussy make a grown man cry
The day I came up out my momma, I saw a grown man cry
They say it has magic powers, even Magic ain't die
Wake you up out ya sleep to take a 3 A.M. car ride
He said the booty the only thing between him and God
They love the booty, sacrifice they family and job
Badge make police feel powerful in the hood
Guns make us feel powerful but they don't do no good
I know my blackness powerful and they don't like that
I know some niggas sold theirs, sit back and watch 'em tap dance
+Bombs over Baghdad+ to have a flag to brag 'bout
Don't make you a +big boy+, cause you got a nice +Stack+
Carolina home boy, you know we keep a stackhouse
That's power when you know the game, I'm feelin' like a champ now
I went the rap route, homie get out the trap house
I want the power to be able rap 'bout what I rap 'bout
Black child, God, love and textiles, point blank decimal
Steph Curry projectile, I saw the goal from eight miles
With every stone you threw, I picked it up and built a powerhouse
Caught a case, I got murder in my profile
Niggas still billin' me, see that's just the appeal in me
Respek on my name, why y'all niggas so emotional?


Uhh, power up with the word, I got it from my God
He said a good shepherd don't trip over what they heard/herd
Let 'em talk the talk until the night you choose to go and purge
I came up when the rest of you struggled and failed to flourish
Conversations with the florist, she said I'm good as herbs
Get 'em high, get 'em high from the hood to the suburbs
No one can take your power even if a storm occurred
It ain't man-made but whether or not you paid don't help or hurt
It's a perk, Jamla Squad written on my shirt
I got a lane but all the lines around me dotted, I can merge
I can do what you can but you can't do the same with words, as I
Now watch my street cred go multiply
They say the streets respect the real ones, no one as real as I
It's just me and young blood, this where I get all of my power
The night I got a chain from Mr. Flowers
I gave it back when I got done rappin’ the same hour
I ain't Five Percent 'less we talkin the top emcees
And I'm in the top of that, the rest beneath me all cowards
When it spits, look around, it's meteor showers
I watch the stars fall fall fall, yeah this what you call power


[Kendrick Lamar]
Let’s talk about power
Let's talk about yours and ours that paid the allowance
Let's talk about hundred thousand kids ravin’ and bouncin'
Cravin' and drownin' in words the day I pronounced it
Let's talk about power, let's talk about do'ers and don't'ers
The house I built when I was homeless and sleepin' in corners
Sharin' Coronas and Black & Milds, donuts in El Caminos
Talkin' loud, scrapin' and combin', residue every mornin'
Talk about legacy, let's talk about the life of celebrity
Verses integrity, curse the first one that thirst for necessity
Searchin' for equity verses the earth that birthed us indefinitely
Verse the verse I wrote in jeopardy, surfin' the laws of the universe and destiny
Church and a God is all that's ever been 'head of me, aw
Let's talk about my power, the golden child was
Granted to be on your cameras and store counters
He's bananas, competitive, we can dance
See the damage, no more for he peed his pants
My second LP had real niggas on POTUS lawn
My seven trophies is at my Granny's and Heaven's arms
I'm in Jamaica like "Wah gwaan", my feet is out
My hair is long and patois comin' from my mouth
Me I go outdoors, it's time to bless up er'ry
Rude boy, me I ain't worry 'bout it, fearless
I shot niggas then shot movies ten years later
Dear God, why you show me so much favor?
Amongst the haters and wickedness (wickedness)
Deliver this child from evil convictions and frivolous (frivolous)
Debates about who's the prominent emcee of the millennium (millennium)
And it's all for the Benjamins (uh-huh) and I'm all of y'all nemesis (that’s right)
And I'm all in all happy none of y'all can fathom who Kendrick is
The only one that ever did wrote the Book of Genesis
Motherfucker, that's power

[Outro: sample of Bootsy's Rubber Band "May The Force Be With You"]
"Into my world
 There's this power that pulls us closer
 Deeper in love
 There's this power that pulls us like magnets
 And may the force that be with us forever
 Be right here to guide us
 Your sensitivity is very sensitive to miiiine"