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Artist: Rapsody 
Album:  The Idea of Beautiful
Song:   Destiny
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I wanna meet Jay and just play a rhyme for him
I see him spittin Heineken like, "Girl, rhyme again"
Saying, "You're inspirin, to Blue Ivy and 'nem"
(Take it back like hockey jerseys, Guess jeans, and butter Timbs)
Yo, Jehovah's Witness, I never had a Christmas
Never really missed it, toys on a wish list
Papa worked night shift to make sure my life lit
like them trees with them angel wings and some nice gifts
Not a single birthday party witta cake lit
Never had to blow out candles for my wishes
Told anything that I dreamed I could be if
I worked at it, had to put the drive into automatic
Memories of paramedics up at the crib late
I'm fearin her life, got me prayin for Allstate
Put some good hands on her, I need for always
And beyond bein young, she gotta live to see old age
Hard watchin mama sick, it felt like some cold days
I wonder if she thought of +Paradise+ like Coldplay
I know what cross your mind when ya health ain't all great
Fear of losing life, I know the feeling too well, wait
Heavy on mind, I was sick summers, losing weight
Had to be a patient patient, prayin to mediate
Escape in the music take me far as them Everglades
Red Accord ridin, memorizin that J-A -- Y hyphen
Thinkin of my life in them future days
All my dreams on my mind loopin on replay like
When I weighed 110, ten, super young, thin
When I played ball, I always played Jay before the gym
Hustle music for the hustlers, we both rim rocks
His in tires, mine retired, double-deuce on slot
+22 Two's+, I was 22 in jersey
Tri-State how New York City connected with my jersey
Ya girl game tight, you can say I'm Jay-worthy/J. Worthy
That's double entendre flow, I wonder if you heard me?
Got diamonds in my hands, we both throwin the +Rocs+ up
It's all +Nets+, like the team, yo shouts to Brooklyn
My sister call me Marcy, this a Marcy project
Marcy Projects influenced, holdin Hov on the steps
On the sets of big dreams, in Time Square, New York
Rockin BB Kings', wit my team, we feelin the force
Snap back to reality, I'm back in Sccords
Snap back to reality, recordin on boards, it's like