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Artist: Rapsody 
Album:  The Idea of Beautiful
Song:   Believe Me
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Mountains and peaks, valleys I've been through
The landlord tellin me come through, rent due
Since you seem to have it all figured out
Next month while you coppin one, cop me a Benz too
They all think just because rhymes bein laid
and niggaz gettin paid, I don't struggle like you do
Put out more product and it's better than labels move
Meetin frustration that I never gave into
Nigga, Lauryn ain't crazy - just don't know what she been through
Complain about radio, but nigga got no room
Cause niggaz with opinions don't support you on iTunes
Listen - my sole mission was to rap and get paid to
be someone that these little girls look up to
Now I see the game for what it is, every chess move
Playin my cards all how they was dealt
I won't bless with the money so my movement ain't felt
Nigga, smoke and mirrors, look in the mirror
Tellin myself "Self, ain't you glad yo' shit is imperial?"
Huh, I rule everything around me, the CREAM
Get yo' dolla dolla bills y'all this game is all a scheme
For control and being sold is a backwards kinda thing
And they saying I'm the future so Iíll never waste my ring
And not answer my calling to be your daughter dream
My train of thought rapid, I'm just blowing esteem
Putting fear in these rappers all proclaiming they king
If Maximus had a wife, then to Rome I'd be queen
Believe me, frontin niggaz give me heebie jeebies {3X}
Believe me, too many of you frontin for TV
Only real live niggaz get respect easy
Believe me, frontin niggaz give me heebie jeebies 
Only real live niggaz get respect easy
Miami Beach, ain't seen no water yet
Heavy on mind like Avirex, I X'd
out distractions, to be the rap rim 
Goal that they tryna reach if you needing some evidence
You can ask 9th, address like residence
I'm nuthin like these niggaz we separate, I'm Evelyn
I spazz out like ex-wives to ballers
They wanna feel somethin? Then you know who to recommend
Jamla's the squad in present tense, the team
Like Dream of '92 that they prayed to the reverend
and rebirth a nation, water distilled
So when she break water spill, catch the flow like Jacqueline
Onassis, the curse and the gift
Canibus, take notes to you niggaz that's battling, nigga
Whats beef? Cattle and javelin
That shit ain't real nowadays, niggaz just actin it
Zulu the real, the Nation I rep
Keep medallions round my neck like the belt post-accident
Kanye West, +Walk+ with +Jesus+ my way
How you really all should pray if you KNEW what was happening
Yo, forget the name, they never can do
Twenty years still touched, the flow so passionate
Like prayers up to Jehovah when traveling
Protect me from rap foes and all the fake rap men
Believe me they souls is paper thin, for paper when
Heart ain't gold, I dont find you rich like Solomon
Rap three times nice like the number of wise men
Frontin niggaz, juke 'em every day like Heisman