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Artist: Jake Movez & Walter Goldstein
Album:  West Coast Bad Boyz Volume 3
Song:   Hater Aid
Typed by: Lil Hustle

(Jake Movez talking)
Uh, Jake Movez, Walter Gold-Gold-Goldstein

[Walter Goldstein]
It seems like you can't really come up too much
And expect to have it all without some caddy and stuff
Running a muck, haters ain't giving a fuck
But I do with my heater straight burning them up
You don't like me, you don't like what you see
Well that's too bad, I'm M-O-B-E-C
Make moves, haters take moves
Jackers, spades changed his name to Jake Movez

So let my go my way, we steady balling
While y'all drinking hater aid, y'all acting like some bustas
Let me go my way, we steady pimping
While y'all sipping hater aid, y'all ain't talking bout nothing

[Jake Movez]
Well here I are, with the spectacular, monocular
In a car with straps, and all black and I'm jacking you
I mash for the placks and after that I'm slapping you
(yeah you got heat big homie), what's happening dog
I stay's on uno, don't trust the niggas you know
Sport the kind of shoe to kick these fools to pluto
Hell you can't trust these niggas as far as you could throw them
(what you know them niggas for) nigga, I ain't know them

[Walter Goldstein]
I'm in the lex bout to smash off, for barely work
About cats and how they act naw, catch a cracked jaw
Watch how I attract bar, or ice and platinum
Fake cats get none, huh, where should I go now
The world's mine don't hate, feel the same way as Jake
Word is born, but seem to have died doing delivery
Hater aid like the old days


[Jake Movez]
Watch these niggas get mad cause I'm balling like spalding
Luxury vehicles people watching ass hauling
I'm swinging like pieces if these niggas want dilemma
I wrote this thesis so you niggas just could hear a
Real nigga, power player big figger
Get scrilla, money making, record dealer
To all my breezies in the spot tonight
Girl you looking real hot I keep it voice in tight

[Jake Movez]
Yeah, hit them like it's meant to be, changing up your chemistry
Jake Movez and Walter Goldstein smooth ministry
Jealousy and envy, has no place
If you ain't ready for the truth, you ain't ready for Jake
Bottom of the lake, is where your body gone rest
Try to take my k, I put your ass to the test
Nothing but the best, is what we coming with
So why you trying to figure out how we run this shit


(Walter Golstein talking)
Huh, yeah, I understand you man
Why these niggas be drinking all that hater, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp aid
Yeah, Walter Goldstein, Jake Movez, nigga, go on there, yeah, what
Yeah, what, yeah