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Artist: Cormega and Hot Boys
Album:  Violator - The Album
Song:   Who Can I Trust
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Cormega: yo
Hot Boy:  whats up
Cormega: that gangster shit
Hot Boy:  for real , for realla siht
                guerilla war 
Cormega: yo
Hot Boy: guerilla war what
              guerilla war what
              for real , hot boys niggas

(verse one : cormega)
I write rhymes for niggas at nightime
Consider your life mines
Wheter you pumpin five packs or five pies
Montana livin it my persona imminent
Real niggas dont keep beef we finish it
No retreat no surrendering
No rockin me to sleep
I keep the heat up in my premsis
A whole different level of rhymes
Several of my competitors tried
Comin better than mines
Verbally im way ahead  of my time
Mega im gloaduriezed through words
Son im living off the dimes you served
Stayin focused keepin an eye open for stray vultures
Everybody gotta go every day is a day closer
Im soakin in my sofa
Remiinsischin tony coked up
Life is fucked up
Even when you blow up

Hot Boys : Who can you trust
Cormega : Only a few and my nine i bust
Hot Boys : What do you lust
Cormega : The money and the power nigga
Hot Boys : Who you respect
Cormega : All my niggas thats no longer with us
                  And all the drug kingpins that showed us how to get it
(2 times)

(verse two : cormega)
Who the nicest 
Nigga spittin the trife shit
Geto drama saga is for niggas wit inditments
Flippin white shit
Screaming fuck the feds
Squeezin your heat at police
Till you come to your hospital bed
Thug general
Write rhymes for criminals to listen to
If you aint real my shit aint even meant for you
My pen stains the paper like blood
My mind is like a nine and my rhymes are like a slug
Before I snitch like a bitch
Id rather die like a thug
If they areign me for banging
Id throw my signdam at the judge
Im almighty
Defy me till these four fours beside me
Red light gedadme til your vital point
With my heater I annoint
You a second from death
My only regret that i emptied out my whole clip
Bein sulk beyotch


(verse three : cormega)
To my thugs
Its unconditional love
Im giving you how to end it out the motherfuckin system too
Hunger pains when I was younger made me ready to face
Consequences of life the street fed me
Ready rock chopped the punk that bought my high top dunks
And crack fiends sold me a baby nah.. hold up
This aint some shit i just made up in a rhyme this the realness
In a reflection of a sinner I spit
Yo feel this my name
Alone have me mainting a phone
On a comethru not to mention a banger I own
Aint nothin new why the fuck would I front for you
Im a felony offender you showin your jealousy nigga

Cormega: Who can i trust, who can i trust, word up nigga
Hot Boy:   Hot boy nigga, cash money nigga, guerilla war nigga
                Get it right and keep it right
                You need to be down to get up
Cormega: Yeah Nigga