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Artist: Crooked I, Copywrite & Chino XL
Album:  Terminal 3 Presents The Academy
Song:   Triple Seize
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Crooked I]
Uhh, you're now rockin with the amazing
Every time you hear my voice it's a special occasion
Celebration bitches, this is a invitation
Formally invitin you to witness innovation
A soldier's deployment
Bomb proof booth and a camouflage ointment
Yah - like a nuclear weapon, I destroy shit
Even the stupidest record get nuked in a second as soon as the bot spit
Fuck pipin hot! My shit's scaldin
I'm ballin, life is one big Spalding
I'm at the Ritz-Carlton; big banks take little banks
like Uncle Phil against Carlton
A street dude with the rawest rhymes of all time
I bang broads of all kings, they all dimes
Even if they ain't dimes, I just fuck 'em and forget 'em
Never remember 'em and blame it on Alzheim's

Fuck rockin the crowd, I throw a rock in the crowd
Wild as I rock in the crowd
Holdin my breath but trust, even turnin oxygen down
Writin on vomit bags, sick and fly, zone in different times
Twenty-five thousand feet above the sea, sippin sky
Got guns, motherfucker use it~!
You should call customer service since you have so much trouble shootin
Cop's a mess, stop the press, the article's done
Scared to shoot the fair one unless it's a carnival gun
We ride 'til you decide stop - don't play homey
You on suicide watch, Kobain drove me
O.G.'s okay {?} accidental manner
before they start trippin like Hendrix's bandana
For the love of the money I'm doin Scrooge like countin
Me gettin mines overdue like mountain
Barbarians turned scary-ass bitches
Me Crooked and Chino prey/pray on the weak like we're very religious

[Chino XL]
Every Chino verse is like an evil curse personified
It'll take more than T.I. to talk you out of suicide
You signin affidavits, I'm like Goliath after David
I'm high off hatred, I'm God's favorite, defyin angels
Won't die nameless, my sacred english impatient at Satan
Waitin for {?} Betty Long's soul to land in Hell's basement
Strange man, with the strength of an ancient caveman
Caged in I savagely craft raps spastic
"Wrath of the Apes" skit, you perfom and nobody will film it
You barely got one bar like an old school kicker's helmet (get 'em!)
I step in the session no question who's spittin aggression
I turn your entourage into a funeral procession
My musical religion make you meet death
These homos be wearin they pants tighter than Ryan Seacrest
Hey, these niggaz be killin me, when they act harder than it would be
to see Fantasia winnin a spelling bee
Insane clinically, sick soliloquy, wicked chaplain
Born of human flesh and Devil's thorn at the point of conception
No mathematician needed, my competition zero
When I stick this medal/metal on you, and you are not a war hero