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Artist: Ras Kass, Phillie & Rock (Heltah Skeltah)
Album:  Terminal 3 Presents The Academy
Song:   Still No
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Ras Kass]
The word of the day, is "no"

Au contraire, mon frere
I'm the man right 'chea, we don't fight fair
We lyricists' nightmare, blood on my Nike Airs
Spit "infinity and beyond" like I'm Buzz Lightyear
Your gay and lesbian parade marches got cheered
My bitch from {?} say I snore like bear
Then I be in my lane - strikes fair
Dare, I shout at Lil' Jon like "Yeah!"
Me not on my A-game? Quite rare
G'n Kimo you comin up shorter than your wife hair
Smooth like Nair, I swear
Eat your food easier, than fuckin bite tear
"Underworld: Evolution" the white wear, wolf
Pull your whole dome apart, Napoleon Bonaparte
You Napoleon Dynamite
I spit Chyna White, make sure your vagina tight
Bitch niggaz

[Chorus 2X: Rock]
Do we care how real you say you is? "No"
Do we really care how much you was makin for bricks? "No"
Do we give a wiggy what about your ice and your whips
if you can't spit? "Oh no" Especially when you lyin~!

I speak chaos, turn the heat up like five-oh
Rhyme quotes that lie in my throat, die slow
Erratic, flip backwards
Total opposite of what y'all bring, it's total dominance
Confident, Wu Killer Bee regime
Pay homage, it's the modern day kings
I cloak with daggers, I hone disaster
Project light, until the stained glass shatters
Then, my enemies need God to say the least
Want religion? Get real - I'm callin my Killah Priest
You rugged, get covered in denim sheets
If this is how they want it we swarm 'em with killer bees
Inner sleeve, we cuttin like Tennessee
And me, Vince Young, I get shit down
Man this shit fun, feel like I'm in a theme park
If dudes rhyme stupid then I'm a retard


E'ry nigga in the hood sellin for?
Nope, she gun outblow y'all, just a metaphor
Tongue-kissin her, you one of them niggaz huh?
Walkin talkin rest haven for bum bitches (ahhh)
You double-S A, "ass" backwards
You say shit like - never mind, mad whack shit
I split stack, crack it; I'm usually humble
but my voice so bangin AutoTunes'd just fuck it up
Boy don't hang with all them goons, you ain't one of 'em
When times get rough enough, you become lunch for dem
He straight food, {?} ruler take a number son
We mack forward to your Force, Aqua Teen Hunger chumps
Bunch of cartoon characters damn
Plus the jeans chafe in the back of your legs them tight shits
Extra +Clipse+, like +Pushin+ to your +Malice+ was prudent
But you so BITCH, I'm almost embarrassed to use it - sucka!