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Artist: Raekwon, Kojoe & Kurupt
Album:  Terminal 3 Presents The Academy
Song:   Samurydas
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yo yo yo whattup
Yeah, what's goin on my nigga?
Word up man, Terminal 3 whattup man what's good?
The Academy, what's goin on?
This your brother Chef man, from Shaolin
You already know, M-80
Kojoe what's good? You already know
Shaolin what's going on?

Back for vengeance, Glocked up, drinkin Ciroc'd up
Call it what you call I'ma call it some Glocks up
Used to flashin gats, double barrels, the flip's narrow
Don't even give to Darryl then
Hang with the monster mobsters
All of them keep, rocks on 'em, ain't no sense for the arguments
Drugs and guns and Dunns and every part of my plan's done
Hidin in my mansion one yeah
I'm a Polo head, pull over the Rover's sober red
Ridin with my niggaz in Chicago holdin lead my nigga
Is this the bigger we get?
The bigger you fall, the bigger we shit
Check the wall full of scholars, bank robbers, ankle gold jobbers
All my niggaz quick to get off, poppin collars
Kid - it's just a family status
Don't get sprayed up for fuckin with the family chatters

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Aiyyo we Samurydas, no man's liver
We on the top, we gon' ride this like handgliders
Call it Gazelle rap, yeah man I'm fire
This how I work, throw your hands higher

Right on, right on
He must be yo' mans and shit
I keeps one of those thangs that shreds yo' shit
Or did he forget the # of how many get hit
No fuckin with real niggaz, mo' money to get
Fuck it~! Sandblast niggaz like the Mojave
Beast Mugabe, I'll be, probably oddly
Pushin down the street, slow key, bucket and banger
Frontliners with me, strictly, buckin and bangin
Twistin them rivalries, on mission soldiers
Goblins know we steam brewin niggaz like Folgers
Frankenstein, I'ma bubble away
from triplin what a nigga made yesterday
Before I start bustin a musket, ivory tusk handle
on the hammer trust me it must be puttin down
another motherfucker, I won't tell you again
Samuryda, Samuryda, I'ma ride 'til then


Fuck the world with no condoms as if you givin birth to my problem
I'm a monster, respect my con {?} and I'm hobblin
I'm maudlin, I'm bustin the numbers of {?} days knowin
Flow it gets on my {?} like whole {?}
Am I wrong for ringin off of it?
Slept like Conan {?} every gush rider want all of it
This is a robbery, sixty bars of testament
Catch you on your perjury, no robbery, cookin with Chef probably
Ain't heard a meaner part of me, K-O-J-O-E
From East, reppin the Point in the Queens
This goes out to my J-A-P's, who ain't scared to D-I-E
Fly like kamikaze {?}, knahmean?
My team's happy, dazzling 'til the day we die
Blood on my rhyme sheet's a crime scene
Smell funny, talk tough, you better watch your hygeine
We Samurydas, you {?} die and bleed