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Artist: Pete Rock, Copywrite & Planet Asia
Album:  Terminal 3 Presents The Academy
Song:   Rock This
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Pete Rock]
One two, uhh
Y'all niggaz mad word up
Y'all don't mean shit, the fuck is wrong wit'chall
Like I don't write my own shit, faggot ass
Nigga I wrote this shit (hip-hop)
The fuck y'all niggaz talkin 'bout?
Uhh, peep Pete Rock niggaz
Get that, hip-hop flow son, yeah

Yo, Pete Rock, desperados, used to push the hard top Milano
Keep a trunk full of vinyl now it's all about Serrato
Scratchbox, laptops, 745, knockin Cam'Ron, Mavado
Speak in tongues, nah papo, but I'm worldwide though
Paris, Tokyo, Bosnia, Swizterland, with my mans and them
Italiano show respect like my last name's Soprano (hush)
Another day, another dollar bill
I'ma keep it real, give a CRAP how y'all cowards feel~!
I make records for whoever nigga, Johnny Gill
Jim Jones, Johnny Cash, critics can kiss my ass (word up)
PR'rrah, the MPC slaughterer
But right now I'm in the booth Tiki Barber'd up
New York Giant, New York's finest
I flow timeless and +Soul Survived+ this
The fuck y'all niggaz talkin 'bout? Y'all verse was whack
Fake gangsters, bag y'all niggaz just like sandwiches
Be goin to the house for the points, I just landed it (swish)
The Boy Wonder for Prez, the hood candidate (no doubt)

Pete Mirabella, artists label me a +Ruthless+ scary fella
But +Eazy+, I'm no +Jerry Heller+ (shut up)
Skinny middle finger flickin high to critics
Sky's the limit, if there is a limit, I disguise the limit
Be so far P-boy, if you thought I called emo
And come off the top so sick you'd swear I was on chemo
Beast havin a feast on the weak, peep, back with a leash
On the beach, with a beard, with an ass like Kardashian 3D
The bitch daughter, but you're not gonna shoot your gun
She's freakier than a Catholic school for nuns
Taught Carter how to dig deep
She blows harder than the bitch {?} from Back to the Future 1
And I'm Michael J., takin up the rifle game
Top of the Eiffel Tower, snipin cowards twice a day
Ohio's the state that I can claim (that's mine)
Lew Pimp paid back in '98 when faggots liked to hate
Megahertz, friend, Hall of the Fame
It's a, big event, Chris Ward's complainin
Mobs in stores, bars galore, whatever you had to kick a style
You got zero bars in a candy aisle
And as far as the subliminal shit that you pencil
I ain't hear a word of it, might as well been the instrumental
You motherfuckers who failed to bread and gettin calls
Satan's collection agency and have Hell to pay

[Planet Asia]
Yo, murder from the spacebar, emcee and car seats
and the ass to slash and y'all 85ers pay up
Marcus Garvey the vision, rap like religion
Rule the ruler Bacardi cooler, spittin that venom
Verbal spar star, Goretex'n and flexin molecular manuscripts
I plan to flip, bustin like a bag of chips
Save the savageness, check out the cabinet of command
Simply here to destroy your habitat
Fuck a battle rap, battle this gat, and all that
My whole team layin 'em flat
We go the distance, and penetrate the masses with persistence
Snakes hissin, devils in disguise shapeshiftin
My peoples on the rise weightliftin
Crate diggin, between me and them there's a great difference
Yeah, we just foul
You was talkin loud but you ain't tough now