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Artist: Keith Murray, Sean Price & Big Lou
Album:  Terminal 3 Presents The Academy
Song:   Paperwork
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Keith Murray]
Yeah, Keith Murray
JP on the beat
Let me show you how I handle this paperwork man

Yo - rappers think they're a good look
And probably, can't even balance a bank book
I spit Wes Craven chronicles
My speech amaze you like talking animals
Shut your fuckin mouth you fat pigeon lookin nigga
Keith Murray kill rappers, without no trigger
I'm knee deep in the paperwork, you don't get figures
You just actin black - like a wigga!
You a bitch to the death
Why don't you stop rappin and be Paris Hilton BFF
I'm a lyricist's lyricist, get in the head of a mentalist
Conspiracy theoriscist, when I'm spittin this
Keith Murray got those, rididuclousness
My squad don't condone no bitch-ass-istness
JP on the beats, providing the thumping
You soft, like erectile dysfunction~! Paperwork

[Chorus: Keith Murray]
Yeah you know I be on the grind
Cause you know I got to handle my - paperwork
Let me know what's on your mind
And maybe we can handle some - paperwork

[Sean Price]
Yo, I slash your face up for signin paperwork
Fuck affadavits, niggaz be snitchin
Niggaz be bitchin, bitch niggaz get whipped
for shit they lips spittin, Hotep niggaz
Flow fresh, never do what "Umi Say"
Mos Def niggaz, I make you cover your face
like MF DOOM, Sean Price, I'm a MF GOON
Fuck you lookin at?
I sell coke and rap for a living
You can use coke and slap up your children
Motherfucker if you see P rap at ya
Bleed P ravager, slap with the fast hand
C.C. Sebathia, the shell break your nose
You fell dig the pose, fuckin with the +Poison+
Bel Biv Devor, rappers wanna sing
and singers, wanna rap, I smack
any rapper tryin to sing on this track - P!!


[Big Lou]
Yo I'm a diamond in the rough
Why should I sign some paperwork that don't give a fuck
Treatin me like I just hopped off the short schoolbus
Like my knowledge ain't enough to break out the cobra clutch
and slap executives up, imagine that, that's like {?}
stickin me up, {*censored*} Twittering threats
of fuckin me up, c'mon son that's the industry talkin
Ain't no real gangsters, niggaz just love mimickin Christopher Walken
Leave you floatin with the dolphins
Fuckin with my fortune, forgey precaution
Death is what I'm offering; throw y'all product
It's that saga that lawsuit was nada I was crucified
But I healed the state minor, I was working with {?} MacGyver
Turned my shirt into a hangglider
And landed on my empire, so before your faggots hand me a contract
you better hand your lawyer your emergency contacts


[Keith Murray]
Money McFly