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Artist: Styles P, Kojoe & Jaecyn Bayne
Album:  Terminal 3 Presents The Academy
Song:   Body Down
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Styles P]
I dream about bodyin everybody
Catch 'em in the party, goin out like a kamikaze
Gettin on the mic, 1-2 check with a bomb on my chest
Everybody say they prayers we see Allah in a sec
Wake up, shake up, reality bites
Rather kill you, to see what your salary like
So who wanna get popped in the neck
Tell your homey I'm back, just like the opposite of his chest
If he don't wanna get played I suggest he eject
like a whack rapper CD that they put in my deck
And them gutter niggaz say I'm the best
Bitch niggaz never knew it in the first place, so I don't stress
Contest - ain't no contest - how I'm gon' rep
And you know that I get in your neck
E'rybody know I'm gon' last
E'ry rapper name is 50 when I'm done, how I cut 'em in half

Yo, body down in the hood like lil' nigga several wins
A veteran, shit on intelligence, no one's innocent
Can't feed men's attention on the street you're just illiterate
Mothers better at life, shiverin nice
Ring her and figurin out, enemies'll, I need some piff in me
Don't sleep on my shaky eyes, see better than 'piphany
Fuck the bulletproof window, smithereens
I'm a product of kamikaze death that's def to me
I ain't into limitin visions my thoughts infinite
Makin a livin with spittin if not - four-fifthin it
Called the samurai that's what I'm stickin to, mess with the shots
Like a soundtrack to a slum, gettin hit and bruised

[Jaecyn Bayne]
It's time for the horns and 21 gun salute
It's Bayne, The Ghost, and behind us is a ton of troops
Killin the game, so why would you even want to shoot?
Keep your cool whips, I'm ridin shotty in a Tundra Coupe
The competition's astonished at how we on this mission
A monster spittin they gotta honor, it's honest living
Beyond the writtens and withdrawn from constant prison
Recondition conditions for enemy decomposition
Yeah~! I let my bars do my dirty work
Your flow fragile, at least could give it the sturdy verse
The earthy perk, got my eyes red, Morgan Freeman
Got me focused, dead Presidents is more than freedom
Barack owe and my stock flow I shock folks
Electrifyin execution spittin mock volts
Yes me and the S.P. got your spotty now
Dot your crown, poppin sounds 'til your body down