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Artist: Timbo King & Math Hoffa
Album:  Terminal 3 Presents The Academy
Song:   The Alliance
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: repeat 2X]
Yeah, yeah, uhh, uhh

[Timbo King]
From my mouth to God's ears, I ride on tracks - John Deeres
Bright ideas come in pairs with no fears
Gorillas in the jungle amongst the wild bears
A tooth for a tooth, no porcelain veneers
I'm classic, like an episode of Cheers
My bars be flameable, burning speers
This Maccabee wings up, float on air
With a cookie on her arm yeah Polo gear
When I broadcast basement under the stairs
All my criminal peers doin federal years
Laughin at your funeral - nobody cares
He was sleepin with the enemy, internal affairs
Youse a {?} apparent stunt double playin a queer
This is science and cymbals for the hearing impaired
My eight box in real photo snare
See the digital, imprint logo there
Yo all praises due like you makin selat
On a cold winter day make the avenue hot
With the steeringless package in the name of Iraq
We the clean up crew, we don't push no mops
From the bottom of the pyramids to mountaintops
It's that Hebrew intellect, negro nigganet
Lethal been a threat, Deebo any set

[Math Hoffa]
We bold any bet, show up at your door
Through that peephole heavy breath, three four heavy set
(Math Hoffa!) Yeah it's me hoe, you ready yet?
Now let me tell you 'bout these gangsters I got
First thing I noticed bitch niggaz don't belong here
Everybody swear they got product on the block here
Poppin for a hundred, don't be shocked that it's not fair
(You ain't got it~?!) This nigga's game is a fail
I feel like I've got an AK in the jail (f'real!!)
I can't buy the life you sell
You ain't a Robin, Batman, in real life you fail
You never heard of me nigga, you stupid
I get love from the greats - YouTube it
Do that do Brutus, like I do do it
Kick it over to you like ooh new music
I'm too fluent, I flows fire
I'm no liar, whoa pliars
Spin the barrel like a clothesdryer
Sparks is flyin like you drivin on no tires
G.D. coulda went higher
Found out duck niggaz out, meant fire
Found out traffic in and out meant buyers (word?)
Found out how to get it out, empire
I got a thing for my pockets
Tryin to stretch 'em out and anything that'll stop it
Known topic, I can make a shorty twist her ring like a Hobbit
Hop up if you got it