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Artist: Peedi Crakk, Beanie Sigel, & Young Gunz
Album:  State Property Presents Vol. II: Chain Gang
Song:   See Clearly
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Peedi Crakk:  I can see clearly now the rain is gone
Beanie Sigel:  All the rain is gone so it's on homie
Peedi Crakk:  I can see all the obstacles in my way
                   Cause it's your boy, PC
                       Indeed yes B. Sig
                   C and Neef, Young Free
                   Oschin, Sparky

[Verse 1 - Peedi Crakk]
Philly, Philly what that rap be bout
A lot of bitches, squad of niggaz coppin coups and houses
Sell dope on streets, you hope you'll never be
And I poke more freaks then you'll probably ever see
I'm chillin, fuck y'all mad for?
Probably cause a Hollywood Crip got glass doors
And I'm in denim looking like the boy just stepped out of prison
and split in the Excur
But of course the pleasure is yours
You should do whatever in a Berreta with a berreta
FLOSS them princess cuts, who said what
My mind on my money, money wassup
Glock full of those dummies
I'm not one of your homies I'll hit you the fuck up
Yep, State Prop boys back in town
The Back Block Boys, ROC back you down
Let's go


[Verse 2 - Beanie Sigel]
Choke off tec smoke, nigga get your neck broke
Throw you in the death yoke, make you do the breast stroke
Throw a blood river, fucking with these thug niggaz
Official street niggaz, certified slug givers
Like I'm fresh out the service, aiming on order
A half a dollar off your shoulder, make you change into a quater
Bring Crakk 'cross the border, Freeway transporter
Oschino & Sparks, the hitman clap for us
Chris & Neef, the young gunners yes
They'll bring it to anyone of your young'ns
Now what you muthafuckas holla'n bout
It ain't shit to park the Benz and squad us out
Get 'em up and bring my riderz out
Strap 'em up and send 'em to where you hidin out
Make 'em snatch what you proud about
State Prop boys back in town
Back block boys pop boys back you down
And let's go


[Verse 3 - Young Chris]  (Neef Buck)
I can see clearly now, yeah you know I left the wheel on
I'ma be here when the smoke clears
I can't be alone (Buck, he got his back)
(Fuck without our gat) Scrap? (Naw we don't leave it home)
Undefeated homie (Plus we on a winning streak)
(Hardest kids in these streets, bring ya shit when you sleep)
Get hit if you peek, the shit isn't sweet
(C I got mines) Plus I mine bomb if he creep
(Hallow points'll flip his Jeep)  If he point Chris & Neef
(Hit him up neck to feet) Lift him up, rest in peace
State Prop boys back in town
(It's Young Gunner) Young Neef plus Crakk here now
(It's our summer) Fool pass that crown
(Y'all done had y'all run) Hope you lil niggaz had your fun
(We are spit the realist cats, nigga act bend 'em back)
Who the fuck ain't feeling that, show me I'll spin his cap