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Artist: Mac-Shawn f/ Daz Dillinger, Tha Realest
Album:  Chronic 2000:Still Smokin' (Suge Knight Represents)
Song:   It's Goin Down
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I know a gang of bitches
Uh, like that TAAYA!
(It's goin down) Mac-Shawn, Daz Dillinger
(You can't stop us baby) Black Toby
(We get around) Tha Realest, bang em, uh uh uh uh uh
(We in your town)
(It's goin down)
(You can't stop us baby)
(We get around)
(We in your town)

To all my people out there, you need to beware
Don't turn your head like you don't care
You see we're gamin, we bangin, I'm right on you
When I'm in your town you can't see my crew
You say ya sick and tired, of rap stars
You're just jealous baby boy cos I stay lookin hard
Me and my homies in the backyard
or at the Shark Bar eating caviar
I keep y'all warnin bout the California sound
Mac-Shawn and Death Row, we puttin it down
Look at me now, the real big willie
Got diamonds and rings and fifty cars and thangs
It's goin down YAKNOW, YOU KNOW!!!
(You can't stop us baby)

[Mac-Shawn, Daz Dillinger]
It's goin down
We in your town
It's goin down
You can't stop us baby
It's goin down
We in your town

[Daz Dillinger]
On the grind, stackin chips, makin it pop for me and my boys
Makin noise around town, what is it?
Buckin and thumpin throughout the neighbourhood makin ends
Fresh Brougham, fly women in a helluva crib
In a jacuzzi witta Uzi on a mobile phone
Parlayin, mobile Nate wit my homies from around the way
Tha Realest, Mac-Shawn and meezy, huh
but livin in the city ain't easy, strive, struggle
And I be livin kinda easy, boss player havin thangs
Notice how I be lacin these suckers up to the gang
See we pimp mack players and gangstas
Professional thug Gz, professional gankers, notice how it's goin down
Huh, down to the ground, homeboy check it out
It's goin down, huh

Please believe when I tell you this
Mac-Shawn and Tha Realest, and Daz is rich (Uhuh)
Get your gripper (yeah), stack your chipper (Uhuh)
That right there is the pimpin tipper

[Tha Realest]
It's time to eliminate my competition (BUUU!!!)
Holdin on to a life that's soon to be missin
Screamin for help, way sane south from this West Coast
Blast away your dreams, now let your life go (BU BU BU!!!!)
Excuse me for my actions
that's cos I'ma madman released on bail
Once free, tell all my enemies their life is hell
The devil wants to influence me, the police always pursuin me
Wonderin why these scandalous judges always doin me
Homies they ain't the same, they in it for the fame
Nigga I'm always drinkin, lord give me gank
Can't complain because it's goin down
Now hold your head up homey and represent your town
(It's goin down) No trace is found, this mob life we die for
Now live your life to the fullest, at least you try for it
They can't ignore it
No love for convicts like me
On the quest for cash until they bury me
Homey it's goin down

It's goin down, uh uh
You can't stop us baby
	(You can't stop us baby)
We get around	(YAKNOW!!!)
We in your town 

We're sky ballin, I told you we keep haulin
tapes and CD's, a gang of G's
PLEASE bow down 'fore I bust on your knees
When you see me ride up on twen-ty's
They can't see us, lookin at my enemies watchin me
but I keep the heat under my seat
I defeat anybody that don't represent
Cos this here song is the platinum tip
It's goin down in the first round in your town
Head west bound, have on your suit and clown
(It's goin down) I got the West Coast poppin now
It's goin down..............YAKNOW, uh!!!!
[Daz] It's goin down, it's goin down, it's goin down

(It's goin down)			Yeah
(You can't stop us baby)		And that's how we're doin it for the two thou'
(We get around)			Mac-Shawn, Tha Realest, Daz Dillinger
(We in your town) 		We're funky fresh in the flesh

(It's goin down)			Death Row Records
(You can't stop us baby)		for the year 2000 and so on....
(We get around)			Yeah....
(We in your town) 		Ain't nuttin changed, check it out

(It's goin down)
(You can't stop us baby)
(We get around)			Yeah
(We in your town)