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Artist: Rick Ross, Stalley & Wale
Album:  Maybach Music - Self Made Vol. 2
Song:   The Zenith
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{Maybach Music}

[Rick Ross]
As you listen to my music
I want you to see my point of view
Comin from a single parent home
Wanted everything but startin with very little

Boy~! I'm shinnin on these hoes
Triple gold Daytons when I'm ridin on these hoes
Got that leather and wood you know, how that story goes
I'm always on my toes when I ain't pushin a wheel
Tires screech and squeal as I bend it to the top
All these haters sit and watch my climb, wishin that it stop
I got a crown on my wrist, and a crown on my top
And I got it all alone now they crowdin my spot, man
Is this the game that I chose?
Nobody gave me ish so it's nobody I owe
I got that Leeroy glow, soul of an assassin
And I'm tryin to have me backed in, off up in that corner
But I'm off up in this bitch! Gold danglin all over
This W tat' sweater and it's double M G
I ain't gonna be slept on forever, tell the Sandman to wake 'em up
and help me count this cheddar, not enough hands on me
Eyes on the sparrow and I'm laid up like a pharaoh
Got a couple grand on me I'm just livin my life
They said I would change, I'm just provin them right
I was broke before, so I'll be broke some more
Man that don't sound right
but what it sound like is a good year for me
I used to look at the future and I couldn't bear to see
Me my momma,and my sister was the bears in the tree
Porridge in my bowl, tryin to keep hold of my souls
Now I'm the big man to beat
It's funny how it unfolds when you start shakin that tree
Heh, when you start shakin that tree
It's funny how it unfolds when you start shakin that tree
Look at me

My back is to the wind, and I just want to win
But nobody ever gave me nothin, nothin; nothin, nothin
Lookin at the sky, pray that I survive
Self-made but I gave you nothin, nothin; nothin, nothin

Wale though, look, yo, uhh
Gold Roley, most hoes don't know me
Blowin O.G., I never socialize with police
Glock 40, never had it why I'ma need it?
It'll be them niggaz that's lookin for it momma'll be grievin
I ain't thuggin - who the fuck is you mean-muggin?
I seen the meanest and toughest niggaz Speedy Gonzales
Don't obsess over money, I'm just eager for comfort
Don't obsess over fame, I just speak to the public
Ain't reached my zenith but all them people see that I'm buzzin
Shoutouts +Seattle+ but these rappers they stealin my +Thunder+
Lost a lot of homies, none of 'em even died
I see 'em all the time but jealousy is sabotage
Ridin in another drop, ain't talkin Enterprise
They try to see me get diabetes from humble pie
Yeah, I hate to lose more than they love to win
That's the difference 'tween me and them - Wale


[Rick Ross]
I wake up in the mornin, roll up my marijuana (ugh)
Thinkin 'bout tomorrow, I don't want to be a martyr
Stress that I be under blame that on my baby momma
Pills that I be poppin wonder will they take me under?
Ruty Mac 11 for these hoe niggaz with drama
Success in my possession had you murdered out of karma
All these niggaz snitchin witness perjury your honor
Handle my business, tuition for my kids' college
Dope boy stylin, DEA target
One point seven for these VS's on my collar
Born in the projects now I'm known as the hottest
Lay your whole label down, bitch I came for the dollars